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Shaiya Hishizaki

A Famous Super-Model that helps in the fights against Dark Mother as Angel Ender.


A paizuri loving succubus from Kyonyuu Fantasy.

Shelley Maycraft

Shelley Maycraft is the overly affectionate mother of Leicester Maycraft.


Shenhua is a Taiwanese assassin who specializes in using bladed weapons. She does most of her work for Mr. Chang and the Triads, but also works freelance in Roanapur.

Sherry Blendi

A mage who belongs to Lamia Scale. She has the ability to take control of any object except humans but she can control Celestial Spirits.

Shianus Centorea

She is a mythological creature called a Centaur, she become Kimihito's 3rd ward after she bumps into him literally after chasing a mugger.


Shigi is an inquisitor, a nun belonging to the Pope’s central office.

Shigure Kosaka

A subtle yet powerfull woman, one of Kenichi's masters and at times refered to as "The Maiden of Weapons".

Shigure Takashima

A sex crazed student who appears in the HHH triple Ecchi series.


Shiho is the childhood friend of Ryosuke Hata, who's helping out hi family on their orchard.

Shii Aasu

Shii Aasu is one of the seven Aasu sisters which makes up the Earth Defense Team, in the two-part OAV series Puni Puni Poemy .

Shinako Jii

She is the storyboard designer at Eitaro's company.


The main character of the anime Ninja Nonsense.

Shinobu Kobayashi

Shinobu Kobayashi is the captain of the school's swim team in the Bible Black series.

Shion Fujino

Shion Sonozaki

Twin Sister of Shion and Exiled Sonozaki

Shiori Kurokawa

Junpei's math teacher and advisor to the Film Club.

Shiori Tsuzuki

Reina's secretary and assistant who also wields a cloneblade. Shiori is sexually infatuated with her boss Reina.


Shirahoshi is the princess of Fish-Man island. She's a giant smelt-whiting mermaid and the youngest of King Neptune's children.

Shiratori Kamome

A student at Keita's college who works as at the sexy cabaret.


A kunoichi from Hinomoto who is friends with the Shinto Priestess Tomoe.

Shizuka Hayama

Shizuka is a brilliant mechanic who grew up in an inner city district of Shibuya and knows many people there.

Shizuka Marikawa

Shizuka Marikawa is one of the Fujima High survivors. She was the school's nurse and tends to the health of her fellow survivors.

Shizuku Amano

Shizuku Amano is a female ninja from the Renge Ninja School Family who was sent to search for her One in a Million mate to save the clan.

Shizuna Minamoto

Shizuna Minamoto is Negi's teaching adviser, and Mahora Academy's Head Nurse. She is tall, beautiful, and extremely busty.


Shizuri is a high priestess of the Aqua Lord church

Shizuru Fujimura

Busty pilot of Core Gunner and a remarkable sharp shooter, who is also in love with Goh, yet is unable to confess these feelings.

Shoko Munei

Shoko Munei is a character in the hentai OVA series Rei Zero.

Shura Kirigakure

Shura is an expert swordswoman and an apprentice of Fujimoto Shiro. She is an Upper First Class Exorcist and a mentor of Rin Okumura.

Shuuyu Koukin

The kingdom of Wu's master strategist. She is a close confidant and lover to Queen Sonsaku who understands her Queen's ambition. She has sworn loyalty to her until their task is done.


A maid at the academy. She has a crush on Saito, and treats him very kindly. Although bearing witness to a possible relationship between Saito and Louise and its accompanying sharp up and downs, Siesta believes she can provide Saito a more gentle and caring relationship and love.


Known as Simca the Swallow, Migratory Bird, or Tsubame. She is the leader of the Air Treck team called Genesis.


The little sister of Jinno who stole the Number One headband and led a complex plot to gain revenge on the Afro Samurai with her resurrected brother and Afro's resurrected father.

Sohara Mitsuki

The childhood friend of Tomoki Sakurai, Sohara Mitsuki is the one who takes him to meet with Eishiro Sugata about his recurring dream. She severely punishes Tomoki whenever he acts perverted around her with a "killer" karate chop that leaves him near death. She lives across the street from him.

Sonken Chuubou

A girl claiming to be Hakufu's younger sister.

Sonsaku Hakufu

The queen of the kingdom of Wu and the eldest sister of the Son Family. Originally set to appear in Shin Koihime Musō, she made her first appearance in the anime. While loving and caring to her sisters and subordinates.


The sexy member of the Assassin group Midnight Panthers. Sonya has the ability to grow and retract her hair which she uses to strangle her targets.

South Pole One

She's an android created by Doctor Narutaki's jealous assistant Marilyn. South Pole One is designed to look like the Japanese idea of an American porn star, to exterminate Marin's targets through exhausting sex and taking the men's semen first.

Stella Bremer

A TSF pilot from the Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse series.

Stephanie Dola

Stephanie Dola is the granddaughter of the last king who has to enter the gambling tournament in order to claim the throne.

Sumire Arimiya

Sumire Arimiya is a character in The Immorals adult OVA.

Sumire Kamoshige

Officially the current wife of Arimori Kamoshige after his death.

Super Sonico

Super Sonico is Nitroplus's mascot who stars in her own video game. Now, she stars in her new anime series called Super Sonico the Animation.


A proud Valkyrie who holds one of two keys that can save the world inside her womb.


A female Ultra Class A assassin.

Suzuka Fuyou

One of the main female in Tsuma to mama to Boin. She appears in volume 2.

Suzuka Itami

Primary protagonist of the Rougetsu Toshi series.

Suzuki Adelheid

The Cloud Guardian of the Shimon Family in Katekyo Hitman Reborn. She is meant to be a foil to Hibari, and represents him in her serious manner and tone, but also in the fact that she's the head of the Liquidations Committee at her old school.

Sylia von Bernstein

Sylia is a main character with Sara and the twins Cecil & Karin von Gielen in Uchuu Kaizoku Sara

Sylvia van Hossen

Elder sister of the van Hossen family with plenty of skill at fencing. Also the sparring partner and arranged fiancée of Teppei.

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