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Phantom Lady

The main villain of the Angel Blade series. If she can't control Angel Blade she will destroy it.


Pheles is a Crimson Lord who fell in love with a mystes named Johann, who was originally a human. Along with Johann, they made Reiji Maigo, and they're referred as the "Engaged Link".


Pink was once a human until she donned the "Cursed Panties of Torajima". Now she travels with the hero Santa on his quests.


Pochako is a young girl who was inspired by Sonico's performance.

Poplar Taneshima

Female lead of the Working!! series.

Porno Diane

A succube and demoness princess of hell. She's a devoted followers of satan.

Prim Snowlight

Prim Snowlight is a scientist aboard Watcher's Nest in the Divergence Eve series.

Primrose Shelly

Primrose Shelly is Cosette's sister in the Dragonar Academy series.


Professor is the smartest person on the Ark, she the one who keep the place running

Professor Ivy

Pokemon Professor that's located on Valencia Island. She's the one that gave Ash the "GS Ball".


Pudding is a minor character in the Sket Dance series.


The younger Android sister of Septem. SHe appears in episode 3 of 15 Bishoujo Hyouryuuki

Rachel Stanley

As a member of YOMI, she is the twin sister of Ethan Stanley and a practitioner of Lucha Libre. She craves attention and is nicknamed, "Castor".

Rachnera Arachnera

Rachnera is a Arachne and the Sixth girl to move in with Kurusu. She was originally living with a family who, sold her off to "Mr. Director". This gave her a deep hatred of humans until she finds out that Kurusu is a decent person who doesn't discriminate.

Rangiku Matsumoto

Rangiku Matsumoto is a busty and lighthearted Soul Reaper, and she's the Lieutenant of the 10th Division from the Gotei 13.

Rebecca Randall

Rebecca Randall is the former student council president of Ansullivan Dragonar Academy.


A character from the eroanime Sei Yariman Gakuen Enkou Nikki.

Rei Kirisawa

Rei Kirisawa is the lead in the hentai OVA Rei Zero.

Rei Misaki

The Sexually aggressive boss lady of Scold with Dirty Words.

Rei Miyamoto

Rei Miyamoto is one of the Fujima High survivors. A high school second-year and member of the spear club. She's Takashi's childhood friend.

Reika Ono

Reika Ono is a Tokyo Toujo Private Academy beach volleyball player and partner with Sanae Hayakawa for the Madonna Cup.

Reika Saionji

Chief mechanic and a heavy drinker from Majestic Prince series.

Reika Shimohira

Popular model who became member of the Gantz team. Seeing his heroics she fell in love with Kei. She never appeared in the anime.

Reiko Katherine Akimoto

Reiko Katherine Akimoto is a patrol officer and one of the main characters in the Kochikame series.

Reiko Kokonoh

Reiko Kokonoh is a student of Onigashima High School and assistant to ShirĊ Hitsujikai.

Reina Toyohara

Reina Toyohara is one of the main characters in the series, Anyone You Can Do I Can Do Better. Constantly competes in sexual acts with her mother to win Yusukes heart.


a character of the hentai Bakunyuu Maid Gari

Remi Shinjyo

The head nurse in the first Night Shift Nurses series

Ren Aoi

A girl from the Akiba Girl Franchise who also has interest in Nikita.


shes a cow girl and she has busty breast!

Rena Kuroyuki

One of two Oni princesses, Rena, the "Black Princess", was also summoned by the Banrikou to protect Setsuna until his heart was compete.

Renka Ma

She is a character in History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi. Renka is the attractive 16-year-old daughter of Master Kensei. She came to Japan in search of her father, who she plans to take back to China.


Reynalle is a Fallen angel. She disguises herself as a sweet and cute high school girl by the name of "Yuuma Amano" in order to win the heart of Issei Hyoudou.

Rias Gremory

A powerful class devil who is tasked with dealing with and fighting against fallen angels, Rias uses her powers to resurrect the slain Issei Hyoudou in order to make him her lowly servant. She is one of the most beautiful girls at the local high school.


Shinji Matou's servant. Rider is silent, sultry, and vigilant, never hesitating to shield her Master from harm.


She's a overseer who serves Fairlock, captain of the Gargantia fleet.

Rihoko Sakurai

One of the main heroines in Amagami. Rihoko is always concerned about her weight, and likes eating sweets and sleeping in. She is also childhood friends with Junichi.

Rika Aragami

Rika Aragami is the contractor monk of Saki Amase.

Rika Minami

Rika Minami is a sniper in the Japanese SAT and a weapons expert. She's a close friend of Shizuka Marikawa.

Rika Noyamano

The eldest sister of the Noyamano family who has raised Ikki since he was a infant. Rika was the former Thorn Queen of the original Sleeping Forest.

Riko Ichinose

A former famous model, and one of the main characters of Ran Sem.


Riksfalto is the general of Deep Sea Dolphin, who love to fight


Rin is a carpenter in training under the tutelage of her mother. Her carpentry severely lack when compared to her talents at cooking. She's one of the strongest and most developed girls on the island. She is one of Ikuto's many suitors.

Rin Asogi

The very main character of the series. She's also the very main target of Apos.

Rin Todoriki

Childhood friend and classmate of Suguru

Rina Goltschmidt Tachibana

Rina is Rio's adopted sister who is hired by Mr. Howard to be a dealer at the Howard Resort.

Ringo Hanamaru

One of ten sisters in the eroanime It's a Family Affair.

Ringo Noyamano

A friend of Ikki since childhood. She is the current leader of the Air Trek team Sleeping Forest.

Rio Katsura

Katsura Rio is a female wrestler on Team Gigamax. She is known as Tiger Cat for her looks and personality.

Rio Kinezono

Rio Kinezono is the main protagonist to Burn Up franchise.

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