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What is anime without the over-sexualization of women's breasts?


Anri Sugihara (Japanese) & Holly Peers (British) popular models known for their large busts
Anri Sugihara (Japanese) & Holly Peers (British) popular models known for their large busts

Big boobs, or big breasts, have become very popular in many cultures in modern society. Breasts do not seem to need to be especially large for any biological function, and so it is theorized by many that breasts continue to increase in size during puberty to appear more attractive to potential mates. Likewise, it is also theorized that men find breasts sexually attractive because it indicates that a woman is mature and ready to produce offspring.

Breast size varies greatly between women and depends on a wide variety of factors from race and genes to height and weight.

Some women pay for breast enhancement surgery -- commonly known as a "Boob Job" -- to increase their bust size to either appear more attractive and/or feel more confident in general. Contrary to popular belief however, not all men like large breasts, some even prefer a girl with a "Delicious Flat Chest".

Unfortunately some women suffer from back pain as a downside of having larger-than-average mammary glands.

Anime & Manga

Tomo Yamanobe, one of Seikon no Qwaser's bustiest
Tomo Yamanobe, one of Seikon no Qwaser's bustiest

The concept of big boobs in anime and manga goes as far back as the 1980s as anime began to gain popularity worldwide. Series such as Kotetsu Jeeg Robot and Shoten Doji presented female characters with sometimes oversized breasts. Though the shows with big breasted girls were few and far between in that decade, the concept started gaining popularity during the 90s, when mainstream shows such as Ghost Sweeper Mikami, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Ghost in the Shell featured big breasted women as major characters.

Big breasts usually don't play a large role in the overall plot, more often simply used as a source of jealousy (see the breast envy page) between female characters, or played up for fan service or comedy. However, some anime and manga incorporate big breasts into the plot much more prominently. See the notable examples below.

There are many cases where big boobs are simply part of character design and aren't given any special attention at all.

Character Archetypes

There are five major archetypes when it comes to characters with large breasts. Usually, a character falls under one type and stays there, though depending on the situation a character's view on her chest may change.

  1. Embarrassment - She gets flustered whenever her breasts earn her extra attention and is likely a shy character in general.
  2. Resentment - She hates her breasts. It's probably because she doesn't want all the attention or her breasts literally cause her problems, such as having a hard time with clothes.
  3. Indifference - She knows she has big boobs, but she doesn't really care.
  4. Pride - She knows guys stare at her big breasts and she likes it. She probably wears revealing clothes to show off and teases those around her.
  5. Ignorance - She likely doesn't realize how large her breasts are, and is blissfully unaware of the high blood pressure she's causing around her. She probably knows nothing about sex either.

Notable Examples

Buxom Bleach Babes
Buxom Bleach Babes
  • In Bleach, though there are several busty women, Rangiku and Orihime are the most pronounced. Orihime appears to be mostly ignorant of her own curves. Rangiku on the other hand proudly displays her cleavage and isn't above using her looks to her advantage. In a beach-themed episode, Rangiku shows Orihime how to carry water in her cleavage.
  • In Heaven's Lost Property, Sohara is shown on several occasions having trouble with her bra, complaining that her breasts are already more than big enough and don't need to keep growing.
  • In Seikon no Qwaser, "Qwasers" enhance their abilities by sucking on the breasts of women to extract "soma" (holy milk). Tomo is noted as having very large breasts and high quality soma.
  • In Manyuu Hikenchou, busty women are worshipped while women with flat chests are barely considered human. Chifusa, a samurai who aims to change this notion, can "steal" the breasts of other women, adding their volume to her own.
  • In the Fatal Fury franchise, Mai Shiranui being a female ninja (kunoichi), uses her feminine charms to distract opponents, usually males, to gain advantage in combat. She is said to be the first female fighting game character to be have a bouncing breast effect.


"Big boobs" has become en entire genre of its own in adult anime and manga and is easily one of the most popular themes. Large breasts play a big part of the story in movies like Milk Money, Milk Junkies and Mother Knows Breast. One of the earliest adult anime to feature big boobs was Cream Lemon, others include: Viper GTS, Taboo Charming Mother, Bible Black, Stepsister, Private Sessions, Booby Life, Immoral Sisters, Akiba Girls and many more.

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Concept Name Big Boobs
Japanese Name: おっぱい
Romaji Name: Oppai
Aliases Huge Bust
Large Chest
Big Breasted
Massive Breasts
Busty Girl
Buxom Woman
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