BIg Bear

BIg Bear is a anime/manga character in the Fatal Fury franchise
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A pro-wrestler and former henchman of Geese Howard

Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf

In his guise as Raiden, Bear worked for Geese Howard and took place in the King of Fighters Tournement. He trounced Michael Max (FF1 boxer) and proceeded on in the tournament. When the tourament abruptly ended he was with Geese's men trying to stop the Bogards from escaping. He later took part in the fight at Geese's sanctuary fighting the injured Joe Higashi. Despite Joe's bad should (which Bear would head butt) Joe was able to execute a Hurricane attack and send him flying into the air.

Fatal Fury: The New Battle

No longer wearing the mask, Big Bear (as he is now known) and Joe Higashi would face off again, this time in a sanctioned match. Cheng Sinzan was promoting a fight between the two with neither man knowing the match would take place in an electrified ring (although Bear didn't care). When Bear placed a dazed Joe (who'd just been electrified) in a reverse head lock, he passed on to Joe the news that Terry Bogard had just been defeated by Wolfgang Krauser. Joe escapes the hold and tosses Bear into the electrified ring ropes. Escaping the fight, he sends Sinzan into the ring and leaves.

Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture

Bear is at Joe Higashi's congratulations celebration after the man has recaptured the Muay Thai Championship. It is never stated if he was there for the previous champion, Hwa Jai, or if he was actually invited by Joe Higashi. Sulia Gaudeamus inquires if Bear has seen Terry Bogard which the man answers no. Bear is a bit taken by the smaller woman and when one of Laocorn Gaudeamus' masked men arrives searching for Sulia Bear does not hesitate to come to the young woman's aid. Charging the large man (but smaller than Bear), he is hit by an energy blast that knocks him out. The Masked Man would later be revealed to be Cheng Sinzan under the control of the mask.

General Information Edit
Name: BIg Bear
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Silver Spoon 2 #1
1st anime movie: Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf (Special)
Aliases Raiden
Recent Movies
Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf (Special)

A TV special based on SNK's Fatal Fury video game franchise.

Fatal Fury: The New Battles (Special)

The Legend Continues...

Fatal Fury The Motion Picture

Terry, Andy, Mai and Joe are asked by a girl named Sulia to stop her brother from finding the pieces of the Armor of Mars.

Powers & Battle Rankings Edit
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Attractive Male
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Unarmed Combat
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Super Strength
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