Big America (Dub: The Second Round Begins)

Big America (Dub: The Second Round Begins) is an anime episode of Shaman King that was released on 12/26/2001

Journey to America Arc

Big America - ビッグ·アメリカ (Biggu Amerika)

Released on 12-26-2001

Dub: The Second Round Begins

Released on 9-18-2011

New characters:

Billy Anderson, Sharona, Lilly, Sally, Ellie, and Millie

Plot Summary

Ren's plane crashes and the gang uses their oversoul to make an impact on the ground to soften their landing.

Meanwhile, Lilly (sea green haired girl with glasses) uses her oversoul glasses to spy on Yoh and friends. After Lilly informs her team, Sharona comments on how she destroys Ren's plane engines by using her smoke oversoul. Sharona and her team rides a red van and tracks down Yoh and friends. While the Yoh's friends are dying for water, Yoh informs his companions that he saw an oasis when they were falling from the sky. Ren notices how Yoh maintain his composure.

Back at Yoh's home in Japan, Manta asks Anna if she has heard anything from Yoh. Manta learns that Anna has not install phones in her house. When Anna wants Manta in her house because Manta is a friend, Anna tricks Manta in doing her chores.

Meanwhile, Yoh and friends stumble upon a town, and the group split up to ask the locals about any information on the Patch Tribe (Dub: Dobi village).

Suddenly, Lilly asks Yoh and his friends to follow her because Lilly tells them someone knows what they are looking for. Although Yoh and Ren know something is suspicious, the gang goes and follow Lilly.

As soon as Horohoro opens up the closet revealing Sharona, Sally who is outside destroys the cabin. Yoh and friends are unharmed and Ren tells Sharona that he will report her actions to the Patch. However, Silva appears and informs them of a rule:

"If you were defeated in a shaman fight with the priest (Dub: Council Judge) watching, you are disqualified."

After that tidbit, Sharona and her gals attack Yoh and friends, but they counterattack and easily defeats Sharona's team. Yoh tells his friends to let them go. After the battle, Ren makes Yoh leader, but Horohoro will not acknowledge the slacker. Ryu agrees with Ren's decision and attempts to kiss Yoh. During the end, Ryu summons Billy Anderson again for a ride. While Yoh and friends hitchhike on Billy's truck, Sharona and gals' red van follows them.

Anime and Manga Differences

  • Ellie, Millie, Lilly, Sally, and Sharona are anime exclusive characters. They do not appear in the manga.
  • The only similarities from this episode to the manga are Billy Anderson, crashing down in a desert.
  • The manga shows Yoh and friends fallin from the sky due to the Patch dematerializing their jumbo jet. In the anime, Sharona uses her smoke oversoul to destroy Ren's plane's engine.
  • In the manga, Yoh and friend meet Lilirara after talking to the locals. The next episode does not goes hand to hand with manga's plot because Lyserg shows up next episode. In the manga, Lyserg shows up after Yoh and friends meet Lilirara.

Sub versus Dub

  • After the battle with Sharona and the gals,

Sub: Yoh says let them go

Dub: Yoh says his friends are smitten by the girls

  • During the ending scene with Sharona and her gals

Sub: Lilly insults Sharona by telling her to use her brain.

Dub: Lilly tells her friends that Sharona is quoting Shakespeare.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiroyuki Takei Writer Creator of the Shaman King manga. Currently he teamed up with Stan Lee to create a new manga called Ultimo.


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