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Bible Black is an anime series in the Bible Black franchise
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Err.... maybe reviewing this is a bad idea Reviewed by OkazukiIchigo on Feb. 18, 2009. OkazukiIchigo has written 10 reviews. His/her last review was for Lucky Star. 61 out of 71 users recommend his reviews. 4 out of 9 users found this review helpful.

Disclaimer: Not recommended to the faint of heart. Only recommended and intended for the “hentais!”

The Hentai genre has been characterized as perverted, nonsensical and yet disgusting. Many people would think that ecchi/harem would characterized as a hentai series like Elfen Lied for example. It's just ridiculous that people would not tell the difference between a ecchi or a hentai series. Their perception of these genres salacities as when nudity comes in the picture, they regarded it as a hentai series. It's just tolerable how naive people's perceptions are, seeing the two differences doesn't connect. It also comes in terms with yaoi/yuri but that can be another picture.

It's clear that the main purpose of a hentai series isn't by the storyline or within those lines of being an anime. But its entertaining purposes to rejoiced over girls having erotic relationships with each other, making it quite filthy yet alluring. One of the most talk from hentai, is the tentacles on which are straps that tied a nude women and it starts to have erotic pleasure with her. It's one of those concepts of a hentai series, really disgusting for me nowadays. Yuri hentai is one of the greatest concepts ever created in a hentai genre, its enduring to condensate the “hornies” as the terminology for due purposes.


The Bible Black series has been one of the popular hentai series around, as it is really “endearing” to not watch it. First created as a Visual Novel by Milky, a renown company that is popular to well, the hentai series. It's more in vain of a Eroge, a visual novel that is intended for mature audiences only with loads of amount of nudity and sexual themes. This H-game, proved to be one of the most gruesome and shocking depiction of naked women having erupted the “private area intended for guys” to have their way on having sex with other naked women. It has yet become a success and intended on making an anime series for it. As extreme as it as, in my perception is not really.

The anime series is a OVA(Original Animation Video) which consists on six episodes of hardcore erotica. Setting up a storyline for a hentai series is just ridiculous is this proves to be one of them. The story, starts off with Minase, a high school student whom one day finds a mysterious book in which that book is tainted by satanic messages. Granting Minase to have sexual erotic pleasures to his friends. This series is quite applied to sorts of witchcraft and the occult, which is unnerving to see how the occult on which was created.

The hardcore aspect of well... how the “erotic pleasurements” are expected is quite great, as aside with Minase f**king girls for his enjoyment, the sex scenes between the girls that are in this series just is alluring to see and experience. The art presentation of the sex sequences look great but yet awkward as it showcased lots of fantasy's that came true which gives me the craze The character design just looks great as it gives merit to the presentation. The passionate sex that is derived from these characters is just awe-dropping as “hornies”. The final presentation comes down to the animation of this

What? Do you think I'm going to post a pic of Bible Black?
What? Do you think I'm going to post a pic of Bible Black?
series, the animation for the sex sequences looks thorough and excellent. It's certainly not filtering the same sex sequences like other hentais.

With no hearings of the music performance but only haunting scores during the openings and endings. As it depicts the terror of the occult as well as satanic messages. The sound performance, specifically the English cast is the worst cast that I have ever heard. The cast for the dub sounds like they hired some bum off the street and pay them some money for a role in this series. Heck, even some of female characters in this series isn't really voice by woman but a man! It's maybe a foreign cast or some bum, making this series unwatchable to me. Since the english cast ruined the experience for me and now not turned on for the Hentai genre. This is ten times worse than the infamous 4Kids dubs. The irony of acting for a Hentai for the English cast doesn't fit. Even garbage is better than this filth.

Overall, Bible Black is one messed up, hardcore hentai. It's just a depiction of sexism and more disgusting filth like the voice over that is done. The sexual sequences are animated pretty well as the characters. This series has been a controversial hentai series due to religious reasons to general content. The horrors of seeing rapists cornering a harmless girl while she is getting raped but yet enjoying is the depiction of sexism. The way of the female depiction of things in this series. The irony of seeing this series has done it with me and its just disgusting and obnoxious. You better stay clear of this anime, due to many of the hardcore traits this hentai pertains. Many recommendations of great hentai series is: Angel Blade, Hot Juicy Teacher and Akiba Girls. They persists to be better than this awful series that ended a mark of filth.

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