Beyond the Gate, Recovering the Lost... (1st Volume)

Beyond the Gate, Recovering the Lost... (1st Volume) is an anime episode of Darker than BLACK that was released on 06/14/2007

Darker Than Black Ep. 11

Beyond the Gate, Recovering the Lost... (1st Volume) - 壁の中、なくしたものを取り戻すとき…(前編) (Kabe no naka, naku shi ta mono o torimodosu toki...(zenpen))

Hei has a new mission from the Sydicate. He needs to infiltrate Pandora Institute in order to obtain a specific meteor fragment. Institute is really close to Hell Gate and it's really dangerous for him to go there because he might lose his powers. There he came across Corinna Moku, a girl who goes insane and she wants to get but exit is allowed once every month. She is murdered because she is apparently a member of CIA.

Hei also gets in contact with Mina Khandar Swami. She is a member of a Sydicate but she did not hear anything from the Sydicate in two years. She said she joined just because she wants to investigate the Gate. She offered to help Hei but only if she wouldn't get in danger of losing her job in Pandora Institute.

Hei meets an interesting scientist named Nick Hillman, who is also a star observer. He taught Hei how to watch the stars through the fake sky.


Opening Theme-

"HOWLING" by abingdon boys school

Ending Theme-

"Tsukiakari" by Rie fu

Characters & Voice Actors

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