BEYOND THE BOUNDARY #1 -- Special Review

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At first blush, BEYOND THE BOUNDARY is the fraternal twin of STRIKE THE BLOOD. The plot and pacing are virtually identical, and both focus on demon hunter girls...

What puts BtB in a different league, though, is that their production team seems to have a budget. There are zooming camera shots, characters you can differentiate from one another, and imaginative monsters beautifully animated (like an invisible skull draped in flowing strips of cloth!). If the opener and the couple of fights in this episode are any indication, this will have some awesome magical battles down the line between conceptual monsters and various "Spirit World Warriors" that seem to be running around all over the place.

...But you still have to deal with the moe factor.

Heroine Miyai Kuriyama is all alone in the world, and has so little self-confidence that she's never killed a single demon. Despite being strong and swift with the sword she forges from her own blood, she's perpetually pigeon-toed and predisposed to pratfalls. Protagonist Akihito Kanbara intervened in her apparent suicide attempt because she "looked too good in glasses," and seems to only put up with her because of this. He in fact feels so bad for her lack of confidence he doesn't really begrudge her stabbing him several times; he's half demon and immortal, after all, and while it does hurt (a lot) he does understand she needs the practice.

There's some subtext here to pick up on, like secret crushes and a larger plot involving rival Spirit World Warrior clans, that shows there's a world beyond the principle pair that could be worth exploring. Hopefully it will be more than just a Capulet vs. Montague star-crossed lovers bit, but if the animation quality keeps up it might not matter how well-trodden the story's path is.

Watch this episode, “Carmine” here and decide for yourself, then read our comments on other anime pilots from the Fall 2013 season below...

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Agreed the animation is good.Story is not bad but its more dirivitive than STRIKE THE BLOOD .But i dont mind that it is.Many boards complain how generic it is.But honestly i dont care the half deamon male lead Akihito Kanbara has a glasses fetish so that funny enuff to watch along with the great animation.

Tho one thing of note he thought she was going to comit suicide.When she actualy was not.An he is rewarded for his trobules with her stabing him.That alone sets it apart from all the other school, secret club,demon/monster hunting anime out there.An their is a fair amount of that.Thing to is i can name those shows easyer than the ones STRIKE THE BLOOD suposidly is.

Edit: i noted as the spash page pic shows her stabing Akihito Kanbara .Because hes a deamon or what ever word they use for it.But she struggles to attack ones that do not look human?Kind of a logic plot hole there i think.

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To Matt:

I bet your next review on Gingitsune.

@Marshal Victory:

I'm going to rewatch this. I think I was multitasking while watching it. Can't believe Mirai is voiced by Saki Watanabe's actress. Some parts were sleepy for me. Kyo Ani shows' art style are too similar to each other. I thought I was watching Tamako Market for a sec.

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How well trodden the story path is always matters no matter how good the animation is.

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@takashichea: Some of the same people did both if im recalling right. An again based on what anime ya like im fairly confident once ya get to 2nd episodes end you will like it .Good 75% chance at least.

@zaldar: Animation i thought was great.Crisp familar style but good use of camera an story board,not exclent but good.The story it self is not bad its got a few twists .But its way more familar to me as i can name sevrial anime tropes it uses.It feels at 1st to me very diriviative .An thats not always a bad thing.Used to much as deragitory ( an other words i cant spell) .Good Story even if dirivative is still a good story.I just hope it evolves what its based on.

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@Marshal Victory: to much out there that is special and truly creative in all forms for me to waste time on something that isn't. The little time I have for entertainment I have to ration - law school keeps you busy (as does trying to start a company).

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@zaldar: I would put it on your peek list or potential list. Its still on my watch list tho.Dirivitive can still be fun.Its not a blantant copy.Or at least i dont belive so.Some have griped it was a bit bland.But then again in the 1st episode you have a girl stab her would be rescuer,Who has a glasses fetish,An later on they fight a full demon.Its major plot hole or even logic hole is shes reluctant to take a life but she stabed him with no problem early on.That only dawned on me today looking at the pic on this web site.

As far as unique goes it may evole into something but its pilot felt so familar .I would say its above average so far with potential .

I would wish you good luck on the company ( especially in todays um climate ) an school.But just as faith is not a battle plan.Luck does not happen in buesness with out hard work for a favorable chance.What type of law are you preparing for?

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Patent law and I may check it out at some point catching up with fist of the north star right now.

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anybody had a look at Outbreak Company yet, or am I forgetting?

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No staff has checked it out yet.

You could check out the Outbreak Company Discussion thread.

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