Beyblade Characters

Beyblade is a franchise comprised of 1 movie, 5 anime series, 1 manga series
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DJ Jazzman

The referee of the Beyblade animated, manga, and video game series and announcer. He loves to introduce the competitors and when the match is about to begin, he used his signature catchphrase: 3, 2, 1... LET IT RIP! (GO! Shoot! in the Japanese version).

Daichi Sumeragi

Daitokuji Kaichou

Beyblade character. The President of the BBA.

Eddy Wheeler

Beyblade character. Part of team All Starz.

Emily York

Gary Tan

Beyblade character. Part of the White Tigers.

Ginga Hagane

Ginga is a boy with a spiked red flaming hair. He's always wear a Blue Headband and a White Scarf. His Beyblade has a beast called Pegasus in it. Ginga is a kind boy that always try to protect his friends from harm.

Hazama Hikaru

Hikaru Hazama, otherwise Hikaru Hasama, is a female beyblader who wants to battle the Gingka Hagane.

Hilary Tachibana

The class President and fellow classmate of Tyson and Kenny.

Hiro Granger

Tyson Granger's older brother and one of the best Beybladers in the world.

Judy Tate

Beyblade character. Works with team All Starz and is Max Tate's mother.

Kai Hiwatari

Kai is the leader and commander of the Bladebreakers (Team BBA in the original). His Bit Beast is Dranzer a phoenix type fire bird that attacks other Beyblades when it is called by his master.

Kevin Cheng

Beyblade character. Part of the White Tigers.

Kuznetsov Boris


Lee Wong

Beyblade character. Leader of the White Tigers.

Mariah Wong

Mariah (Mao Chou) Is a founding member of the White Tiger Team.

Max Tate

Michael Parker

Mizuhara Tarou

Beyblade character. Max Tate's father.

Ray Kon

One of the main characters in the Beyblade series.

Rick Anderson

Beyblade character. Part of team All Starz.

Ryu Granger

He is Tyson's grandfather. From the Beyblade series.

Sergei Petrov

Tyson Granger

The main protagonist of the first Beyblade series.

Yuriy Ivanov

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