Betrayal is an anime episode of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 that was released on 08/17/2008


While Rolo is answering on his cellphone, Lelouch sees Nunnally's locket and when Rolo says about getting to him, he gets angry, claiming that the locket is for Nunnally, not Rolo's. He declares Rolo as a false brother and throws his cellphone on the ground, causing C.C. to cower in fear. Lelouch is angered that Rolo hasn't figured out that he hates him and that he tries to kill him repeatedly, but keeps on failing. Instead of killing Rolo, he orders him to get out.
Kallen arrives and is been ordered by Ohgi to take Lelouch to a warehouse. When he asks why there, she replies that she didn't get details. C.C. tells Lelouch to remove his clothes and promises to do her best. Kallen is offended by this and demands to know what Lelouch and C.C. are doing while she is captured. The former reveals to her that C.C. has lost her memories, reverting her into his slave.
Next, Zero and Kallen are shown in an elevator to a warehouse. The former tells the latter that he is happy that she made it back and apologizes for taking so long to get her to the rescue. Kallen informs Zero that while she is imprisoned, she is able to talk to Nunnally as she saved her life.
However, by the time they leave the elevator, Zero and Kallen are being put into gunpoint by the Black Knights who now know of Zero's true identity and his Geass power. Diethard makes a statement of how Zero will die, but he will continue on being a legend. Zero asks him if that's a script for him and Diethard replies that he wanted to film his victory over Britannia, but that show is permanently canceled. Lelouch begins panicking inside of what to do.
Kallen tries to defend Zero, but doing so will only make the Black Knights target her too, under the suspicion that Zero has used his Geass on her. She asks him what does she meant to him; it turns out she's planning to die with him if he gives out an answer. Lelouch looks and realizes Schneizel has orchestrated this whole thing; he has lost, it's over. Iinstead, Zero unmasks himself and reveals that he is using the Black Knights as pawns. Ohgi and Tamaki are have finally discover that he is Lelouch all this time. He calls Kallen his useful piece, and she is angered and saddened by this fact. She leaves Lelouch to be killed; however, he whispers to her that he only called her a tool so that she can live on without him.
Suzaku is seen laughing mad of the damaged he caused.
Lelouch reflects on how he lost everyone he loves: Nunnally, Rolo, Shirley, and even the Black Knights. He is left alone as a result.

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