Berserker Armor

Berserker Armor is a anime/manga thing
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The Powerful and Cursed Armor Donned by Guts

The Berserker Armor is a cursed suit of armor that grants its wearer powerful strength and endurance by bypassing the body's natural limits which keep it's wearer from injuring their selves while using their full strength. It can even temporarily fix injuries by binding the injured areas. However, the armor can cause its wearer to go into a berserker rage that causes them not to discern between friend and foe. Prolonged use of the armor can put severe physical and mental strains on the wearer.
The armor was originally owned by the Skull Knight until he gave it to the witch Flora. Guts first donned the armor when he was overwhelmed in battle against Grunbeld when Griffith sent an army of Apostles to kill Flora. While the armor allows Guts to defeat Apostles with greater ease, it further strengthens the influence of his "inner beast," the Hellhound, on his mind. The armor takes on the form of the Hellhound when Guts becomes overwhelmed by its control. While the witch apprentice Schierke has been able to subdue the berserker rage of Guts when he dons the armor, it's not completely preventable. As a result of once donning the Berserker armor, Guts has lost some of his sense of taste, is showing slight signs of colorblindness and has a speck of hair that has turned white.
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Thing Name Berserker Armor
Japanese Name:
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1st manga book: Berserk #26
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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