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Berserk is an anime series in the Berserk franchise
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Berserk Reviewed by The Impersonator on July 2, 2011. The Impersonator has written 2 reviews. His/her last review was for Legend of the Galactic Heroes. 4 out of 4 users recommend his reviews. 3 out of 3 users found this review helpful.

Ever since, I watch this series. I was amazed by the story how it actually started and the end well...disappointing. This series may not be for kids to watch since it contains nudity, extreme violence and gore. But the series storyline is actually good. I won't spoil for fans who haven't watch this series yet. But I will give some background or preview of the series. The episode starts off when Gutts came to battle the God Hand demon. After killing the God Hand demon, we find that Gutts is actually hunted by the other demons. Then Gutts' flashback starts. This flashback starts off from episode 2 till 25. Now, as you know. This series could have ended in episode 26 as was planned. But there were issues with the production. It may be that reason but at least we know what actually happened to Gutts in the first episode. If you're confused, I suggest you should watch episode 2 to 25 first and then episode 1. But it would be better off watching episode 1 with later surprises.

Now the disappointment. The ending would have been better shown in episode 26 where Gutts will survive during the feast in God Hand's realm. So that in episode 1, we'll know how he survived but that hasn't shown. But if you see the manga version, you will know how Gutts survived and is most likely to be saved by someone. Unless if he can get out of the God Hand's realm by himself. But I doubt that would be possible.

The storyline is great and you get to know the characters' past such as Gutts, Caska, and Griffith. There are other minor characters (Band of the Hawk members) that are fun and enjoyable. But these three characters are most important to the story due to their relationship and fighting together as the Band of the Hawk. The animation is sort of out dated but its quality is ok. The animation was old back then. But it stays true to the concepts of a dark fantasy story. The music is awesome done by Susumu Hirasawa. Although, the Forces song would have been a great opening, but the background music is good to hear.

Overall this series is good, the only disappointment is the ending. I wish this series would have been a long running classic like Legend of Galactic Heroes. But at least we can find out what happens in the manga version. Anyway, this series is good and enjoyable for action and fantasy fans.
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