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Topic started by Lemon on Oct. 27, 2010. Last post by Chak 4 years, 4 months ago.
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@newmarcom said:
" It's been far too long since the last AnimeVice original video. "
Indeed, even though I'm also on ANN.
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I watched the anime a long time back. I think it was probably the first anime that really disturbed me. The ending bothered me enough that even when I found out I could get more of the story by reading the manga - I just didn't want to, anymore. After that I've of course watched tons of other disturbing animes and I've grown numb, but Bersek still remains fresh in my mind.  
These days I get most enjoyment from animes of slice-of-life and comedy genres - why make myself feel bad by watching something like Berserk, when I could be watching K-ON!?
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i feel so disappointed by this review, i do agree that the first 3 volumes are pretty bad in terms of story telling, they make a lot more sense as the manga gets into the golden age arc. The story will grip you and you will find yourself unable to stop  reading it. It even makes up for the beginning by making sense of it. The anime in comparison to the manga is not that great as it leaves out a lot of stuff that prove pretty vital later on in the manga. So i only have one thing to say to Tom: don't stop reading the manga! finish the golden age arc in the manga then watch the show.
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It gets better.
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This was actually a pretty good video and I'm not even into anime/manga.
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Your official nickname is sideburns.
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Full Metal Alchemist, Death note...
but Berserk is not so great?...OK then :1
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Awesome feature idea.  It'd be nice if you could get someone else to be in these videos with you though, even if they haven't read what your reviewing. Discussions are always more interesting than a one-way conversation.
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Berserk is definitely one of those rare instances where I'd recommend viewing the anime before the manga.
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I think Tom is playing fast and loose with the review after one issue (which was written in 1988). The series doesn't lead with its best foot, but the Golden Age is one of the best story lines in the series.
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Fair review and truthfully is almost exactly what I would have said if I had seen issue one of the manga first.  Like some other people said it is actually better to watch the anime first because it scraps most of the non central story components and goes straight to the meat of the backstory.  Honestly in the end everything that you took issue with in this issue Tom as being strange, vague, or totally unexplained actually has a real reason and eventually gets an actual backstory and details for it.  Even the crazy demon sex scene that opens the manga. 
If you watch the anime and are still not intrigued well then we just have to agree to disagree hehe.  I am willing to bet you will like what you see though.  Oh and also I think Miura actually did all his own work on the early manga chapters and did not get a "team" until later.
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I would say watch the Anime first. I didnt know anything about Berserk, but after I watched the Anime, I wanted to read the Manga SOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly.
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yay berserk
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Berserk will seem incredibly generic at first, but it will definitely draw you in the more you read it. The anime's ending has a good reason for being the way it is, as it's really just setting up the stage for the main story. The Band of the Hawk story in the anime is more of a prologue than anything else.
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