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@Newten: The thing is, Tom almost always carries that knife with him.
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 To be fair, this was   Kentaro Miura's debut. It wasn't very good, he was very young and it shows.  
 What the TV show is it's actually the back story, which it's completely different to the first chapter. Gut's sword is just a broadsword, he's still good, but not magical, he has both his arms and 90 % of the story it's basically normal medieval political intrigue.  The end ( in the manga) it's technically the beginning of the first chapter.  
 I saw the tv show first, then I got curious about the manga and I was horrified about the beginning ( art, story, all read as " painfully amateur". To not surprise now that I know that it was in fact amateur). Then I continued reading. Result, the manga starting from the tv show's story thread it's simply superior, addicting and ties all the lose ends left by the unavoidable time constrains a TV show contract deal has. 
 Read the manga. The tv show has no ending and it's basically the same story, but longer and with better character development.
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Here's the deal. If anyone is ever interested in Berserk I always tell them to watch the anime first then read the manga. Everyone who jumps right in on manga #1 has the same reaction as Tom and I think I would too. In truth those first #4 issues just aren't very good at all (especially so if you come in fresh). It pains me to see this happen as this just isn't representative of what Berserk is like once it gets a direction. Tom hit the nail on the head that these first issues seem like they are for 10 year olds. It's kinda funny because the themes that Berserk develops later on are some of the most mature and interesting ones out there IMO.
Tom, just got to the end, you probably wont' see any of this in the Anime (I don't remember exactly). If anything the 1st episode is a quick summary of the first several books and the "Golden Age" that everyone is talking about, which is where the story begins, starts around episode 2.
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Maybe he should make a guest appearance on the whiskey live show. This is the first video I have watched on AV and I'm impressed.
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What's cool about berserk too is the evolution of the artstyle. I kinda cringe hearing that the art wasn't that great as Muira really is one of the best now. Looking back at #1 though it's amazing how far he's come in 19 years. Berserk definitely has the most detailed artwork in Manga and the attention to details is just jaw dropping sometimes (which is why the release schedule is so slow).  Below is just an example of what I'm talking about. This is a newer volume and the detail is just crazy (no spoilers).

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@GMan said:
" @Newten: The thing is, Tom almost always carries that knife with him. "
I take it not many people ever argue with him then, or if they do they are carrying a sword?
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My memory of Berserk is real hazy, but I think Guts was cut from his mother's womb after she'd been hung (I guess for being a witch) and was raised by mercenaries or something.  I think that first scene with the demon is Guts being conceived.  Aside from that all I remember is a lot of brutal murder (including women and children) and some implied 'guy on guy' later in the series O_o.   It's an ok series, targeted at teenage boys mostly.  
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So I started watching the anime and enjoyed it though the anime has to have the worst opening song of any anime ever (the engrish is classic) the story is great right up until the last episode which is total crap and makes no sense at all and leaves you completely hanging.  (and this is coming from someone who liked eva).  I was watching it with my girlfriend at the time and all most had to turn it off as I felt like I was watching porn.  It was terrible and I do not recommend it at all to anyone.  Total sex and violence for the sake of sex and violence.  Not anywhere near animes best. 
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@zaldar:  pick up the manga, the anime is just the tip of the iceburg on the story. I think it was just meant to be a teaser for the manga anyhow. All the sex and violence in that last episode had a purpose though. It was complete revenge, domination, and helplessness all rolled into one powerful crescendo. It depicted some dark places & emotions and I could see how that could be disturbing.  I had a totally different reaction in that no other show (any medium) has touched a nerve of pure hate in me like that. I promptly picked up the manga and read up to volume 26 in 3 days, lol.
BTW - I love the opening song. I know it's bad but I love it. The series does have awesome music although they reuse the same bits over and over.
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The first volume really doesn't do the series justice. It actually takes a painful amount of time to find it's feet but once it does it's very compelling. You do eventually get some semblance of courtly intrigue going on and Gut's get pretty nicely fleshed out as a character.  
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@bearshamanbro:   The opening song of the anime really should be on some list of the worst anime songs of all time somewhere....
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I'm a big whiskey media fan this review a joke?  Berserk got me into manga.  It's my favorite.  I've read all of it up until the current issue.  Berserk requires patience, and when it picks up, it picks up.  Even if his assertions about the plot were true (they aren't) I think he's reading this with a total lack of faith that things will be cleared up and explained later on.  His claim that he wrote stuff like this when he was ten is pretty funny, I'm going to assume at this point in his life he's a pretty prolific writer?  
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@zaldar:  haha, it's so bad it's good.
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ah~ I remember MY first time reading that volume. Indeed I too also freaked out the moment I read the first 4 pages. Personally I gets waaaay better after the Golden Age arc. 
The charming point for Berserk is that the main character is not some superhero that can lift a building with his finger. He CAN wield that giant sword, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's having a easy time doing it. Every chapter is cliffhanger in a way since you never know when he'll let go of that sword simply because he is out of strength 
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@deathwiseuprise: This and Vagabond are my two favorite manga, so I know where you're coming from. I'd feel the same way about this being a joke except that I've seen this same reaction from people hearing about Berserk and jumping right in to the first manga. I came from the anime first so I can't totally relate to someone doing this. It is frustrating, but I can see where they're coming from.  I think biggest obstacle people have is that most manga pretty much has the same quality from start to finish, so if you read one you get a pretty good idea if you'll like it or not. Berserk has just been constantly evolving and the quality jumps are pretty incredible imo. I think after the new anime remake/continuation people that haven't gotten into it will be surprised how good the story gets.
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@bearshamanbro:   Yeah I experienced the anime first as well, and of course it was the cliffhanger ending that kind of forced me to check out the manga.  It's difficult for me to get the same perspective as him on this, and that might be because even by the end of the anime you know that some very unconventional and crazy story arcs are just waiting in the back round, biding their time.  I guess I'd have to look at the first volume and really try and think of what someone's impression would be if they were objectively reviewing just that.   But then again for me even the early stuff was a beautiful and interesting story that didn't have a thing to do with samurais, ninjas, cyberpunk, mecha, teenage boys, Harem anime, etc etc... 
There's a lot of talk also of this manga being geared towards teenage boys.  I find this statement to be pretty ironic, because I'd consider the vast, vast majority of anime and manga to share this target demographic, but having read all current Berserk, I don't think that's the case with it at all.   
This series owns hard.  Read it.
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dude tom prob gets major pussy
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i'm annoyed that this guy only seems to be reviewing the first volume of what is an ONGOING series. yes this is all just opinion but when you criticize something, you need to look at the whole picture, not just one piece. plus he seems a little biased towards fantasy anime/manga anyway which he mentions when he says it seems like they didnt read a lot of medieval literature but rather more d&d. but isn't that the point of fantasy?
anyway, a few things to note about berserk:  
-it's written and drawn by ONE guy   Kentaro Miura .  he was 22 when he he submitted "Berserk Prototype" in 1988. this brings me to point #2
-it's VERY old (20 years this november when volume 1 came out). of course with any decent long running manga series (yes, it's STILL going), the art AND story get better as it goes and the mangaka matures/refines their style.  
 -you're in the dark for most of the first volume since the manga starts at a distant point in guts' life. a large chunk of the series is spent BUILDING the character you see on page one.  
so yes, volume one is a little hard to get through because you aren't given any REASON to care about this guy with the robot arm or giant sword. and if you want to give up after that, fine. it's your choice. but you'd be missing out on an awesome series. the anime is GOOD. but it only covers ONE arc.
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I loved this review.  Definitely loved the knife review score.  1 knife out of 5 knives.  Would love to see that represent the review scores for each manga or anime.  For some reason, I really enjoyed this.  Anime Vice Representin!!!
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@gla55jAw said:
" I'm pretty sure I tried watching Berserk a while ago and couldn't get past the first episode or two. "
I had the same problem
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