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Topic started by No_name_here on Dec. 18, 2012. Last post by Catalano 2 years ago.
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@Aleasha: I dont think it should ever be a case of eating ones own words here. One invest time in the hope it pays of for a better entertainment.Hope should always spring eternal.It Is just the winters reality that sheds cold logic upon things.Some times the time invested does not pay off.Its not the fault of the viewer who hoped for more.

A good example of this would be Sword Art Online . 25 episodes an C to B+ story with C to A+ quality animation.But it paid off.At least for me.Sure some dont like the sword fighting part.But for a MMORPG player who has a actual year in real life invested in on character it was a very intresting ride.The animation helped gloss over the C story at times .An helped keep me intrested enuff to watch the next show.Were as i have tried twice now to watch .hack//SIGN an just could not get into it.

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@Marshal Victory: Yeah I haven't watched Sword Art Online its in my queue but I haven't had the chance to watch it. Normally for me as far as animation goes if its a really good story I can get past shoddy animation but if the story isn't decent enough for me to over look the bad anime I just can't sit still and enjoy it but if its truly excellent anime it might bring me back for a few more episodes despite a bad story line but it won't keep me interested for long which would suck since part of the reason I am so in to anime and manga is the art work and the talent that goes into it. Sadly when looking for new anime the art draws me first and then the story line so miss ones that could be favorites which is why I have the trusty community of Anime Vice to que me into anime/manga I might have over looked. =)

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Like @Marshal Victory: said, you should definitely try Sword Art Online!

Animation and its fight sequences are spectacular, but its characters' relationships are shallow while the story went downhill a bit after the SAO arc.

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@takashichea: Yeah I have heard a decent amount of good things concerning Sword Art Online I will for sure check it out and be prepared for a downward slop at some point but they pull out of it lol. =)

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@takashichea: I would say of the 25 episodes of soa it weekends down more middle but last say 4 really really bring it together least it did for me. Not ashamed to say the last episode had me fooled .It went a difrent way an pulls it off fairly classy.

@Aleasha: I would not recomdnd any thing that at least average or above. SAO for me gets above average marks over all .An oddly enuff people complain alot about the fights an over all their pretty good.I would say its in the neighbor hood of Tiger & Bunny in quality .But it has a few more filler or feels like filler shows.

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Animation is a secondary matter to me tbh...i've seen so many pre 2000 titles with superb storyline im kinda at 70% storyline 30% animation stance for me. If you can balance the two even better but that is a rarity

Examples would be fist of the north star tv series, macross / robotech, legend of the galactic heroes to name but a few.

Looking at anime today priorities seem to be good animation first, storyline secondary - just completing Sword Art Online is a perfect example of this for me.

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One Piece has bad animation in comparison with the story (which is extraordinary), I saw a lot of people who prefer not to watch One Piece because of the animation and the graphics.

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