Berserk is a franchise comprised of 3 movies, 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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A medieval themes dark fantasy epic which follows the path of the Black Swordsman Guts on his quest for revenge against an army of enigmatic monsters bent on recreating the world around their own psychotic desires.


Berserk is set in a dark fantasy version of what closely resembles medieval Europe. It's primary setting is the country of Midland which has long been embroiled in war with it's neighboring country of Chuder, later in the series it also finds itself at odds with the Kushan Empire. The story follows the exploits of it's protagonist and oft times anti hero esque Guts who is commonly known by the alias "The Black Swordsman" through a majority of the story. Raised from childhood as a mercenary soldier and losing everyone he cares about in one form or another due to betrayal by his best friend Gut's embarks on what is at first a very personal and solitary quest for revenge. However he is facing off against powers he does not fully comprehend and knows almost nothing of the role he will play in the worlds coming events. The story is rooted in an almost Jungian philosophy and deals with many adult themes such as truly visceral violence, romance, questions of ones own worth, friendship, revenge, and ultimately the question "What seperates Man from Monster?". If you are a lover of Conan, Claymore, Elric of Melnibone, or Blade of the Immortal you will find yourself right at home in Kentaro Miura's world of Berserk.


The Blackswordsman arc

Guts loves bloody violence
Guts loves bloody violence

Manga: Volume 1-3 Anime: Episode 1

This introductory arc is shown mostly to give the reader an idea of who or what Gut's is. It does an excellent job of showing his overall character and nature and the attentive reader will quickly realize despite Gut's very strong "loner" persona he is neither emotionally dead or morally bankrupt. The main events of this arc center on Gut's meeting Puck the fairy who becomes a sort of sidekick comedy relief for him throughout his journeys. He also encounters a number of important villains, one of them in the very opening scene of the Manga. As the story progresses you learn why it is Gut's hates the so called "Apostles" and how he earned the mark on his neck.

The Golden Age Arc

Manga: Volume 4-13 Anime: Episode 2-25

The Golden Age is essentially a flashback to Gut's time as a young boy to his early adulthood. It opens when his adoptive mother Shisu find Gut's as a newborn baby underneath the dead body of a women who had recently been hanged. Through the early chapters you learn how Gut's was raised as a mercenary and how he came to be estranged from his adoptive father. Eventually he encounters the Band of the Hawk after killing the famed "Grey Knight Bazuso" in single combat. A group of the Hawk's lead by Corkus foolishly attack Gut's which ultimately results in a fateful duel between him and Griffith the young and charismatic leader of the Band. After suffering defeat at the hands of Griffith Gut's is forced to join the Hawk's where he quickly becomes accepted and takes on a leadership role as the head of their Raiders.

After many years with the Band and becoming Griffith's only real friend and right hand man Gut's becomes disenchanted with his life as a mercenary and decides it is time to set out on his own to seek his own path. This leads to a second duel with Griffith when Caska warns him Gut's intends to leave. However this time Griffith is beaten easily with Gut's making almost no effort in the doing. His confidence destroyed Griffith makes a very foolish mistake and is branded a traitor by his patron the King of Midland. The King after capturing Griffith then tricks the Hawk's into a death trap which results in the deaths of most of their men. Without their two most trusted leaders they look to Caska to take over and she leads them into hiding within Midlands forests with the intention of finding a way to rescue Griffith. Ultimately Gut's returns to the Hawk's when he learns of their plight and assists the Hawk's along with Princess Charlotte in freeing Griffith. However Griffith after months of torture and abuse is a totally broken man no longer fit to wield a sword much less lead a mercenary company. Distraught they attempt to flee Midland with Griffith but the Hawks meet their end when Griffith using his Crimson Behelit instigates the right of sacrifice. This event turns Griffith into one of the demonic lords known as the God Hand and he takes the name of Femto. These events result in the deaths of all the Hawk's except for Gut's, Caska and Rickert who was luckily not present when the ritual occurred.

Retribution/Conviction Arc

Manga: Volume 14-21

This arc begins at the ending of the events of the Eclipse and the ritual of Sacrifice that created Femto. Guts and Caska were saved by the Skull Knight and left with the Blacksmith Goto. Guts though massively wounded and now missing the lower half of his left arm including the hand makes a speedy recovery. Unfortunately the events of the Eclipse were so traumatic to Caska that her sanity has broken and as a form of self defense her mind reverted to that of a child. To make matters worse she was impregnated with a demonic seed from Femto and gives birth to a mutated and crippled half human half demon which quickly flees after Guts attempts to kill it but is prevented by the crying Caska. Guts becomes enraged over these events and immediately forms plans to seek out the Apostles present at the Eclipse and exact his revenge on them one by one with his ultimate goal killing the traitor Griffith. However his plans are set back when Goto's smithy is attacked by a demon attracted to Gut's brand. His new sword that was given to him by Goto shatters when he attempts to cut through the demon's scaly hide and in a fit of desperation he takes a sword called the Dragon Slayer that Goto made many years ago and had hoped to keep locked away. With this new weapon Guts easily kills the demon and decides it is a blade worthy of the hunt he is about to embark on. Before he leaves Goto also gifts him with a mechanical left hand that can be loaded to fire miniature cannon shells and he also takes with him the weapons of his former Hawk compatriot Judeau whose gear he earlier recovered. Rickert still unaware of the explicit details of Guts and Caska's trauma stays behind to become Goto's apprentice and help take care of Caska.

We then flash forward an undisclosed amount of time and it is during this "fast forward" that the events depicted in "The Black Swordsman" arc take place. It is worth noting that the events of the Eclipse also give us much needed insight into Guts's specific motivations in this earlier arc. As it happens the Count was personally responsible for the death of Pippin, the un-named female demon he slays in the first panels of the Manga was the killer of Corkus, and the Baron was also present at the Eclipse though his exact actions are not clear. So now older by an unspecified number of years and with his trusty sidekick fairy Puck in tow we rejoin Guts outside a seemingly nondescript Midland village which is the home of a girl name Jill they recently saved from bandits. Much more experienced as a demon hunter by this point Guts has came to this village following rumors and the evil presence he feels through the brand and sure enough he quickly discovers things are amiss. Local children have gone missing, crops are dieing, the only lead is a childrens fairy tale, and of course anyone who investigates ends up dead. Guts quickly begins to investigate the area with the help of Jill and finds a Apostle hiding in an area known as the "Misty Valley" that takes the form of a young human girl with the wings, eyes, and antenna of a butterfly. She had been kidnapping the village children and turning them into twisted demonic insects in retaliation for her mistreatment by the villagers and her parents years before when she was still a human and she is in fact an old friend of Jill's named Roshinu. Guts feeling no remorse or pity for this story or Jill's feelings strikes at Roshinu and her followers. After a few brief skirmishes and an extended battle that lasts most of a day and an entire night Guts kills the Apostle and all of it's followers. Jill not wanting to return to her home begs him to take her along but Guts steadfastly refuses and leaves the valley still suffering from massive injury.

Hawk Of the Millenium Empire Arc

Manga Volume 22-

Fantasia Arc


The 25 episode anime series covered the first true arc commonly called "The Golden Years". While it was mostly faithful to the manga there were some notable edits, chief among them the removal of the fairy character Puck and the cutting of a large portion of the introduction story arc "The Black Swordsman". The grotesque and bloody violence, nudity, and strong language was kept which has made the series very popular with fans of the manga. The series was considered a success in both Japan and America and there has been considerable pressure to see both a televised broadcast of the show in the US and a second season. While creators of the original season have never dismissed the idea they have never confirmed they intend to work on a new series either. Sadly a US televised release was deemed unlikely by the executives behind Cartoon Networks adult swim due to the shows graphic nature and need to edit the majority of content out. Likewise the only information regarding a second season has always amounted to no more than rumours or fan made hoaxes; at least this is the case thus far. More rumours began to appear when new images of Berserk showed later parts of the manga in anime form. These images were later confirmed to be authentic and belonging to a animated movie trilogy of the Golden Age Arc.

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Name: Berserk
Name: ベルセルク
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