Berserk Golden Age Arc II: The Battle for Doldrey Characters

Berserk Golden Age Arc II: The Battle for Doldrey is an anime movie in the Berserk Franchise
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Azan is a member of the Holy Iron Chain Knights before that he was a legendary honorable knight who follow the code of honor and still is.


A capable warrior and the only female present in the Hawk's ranks. She is Guts love interest.


A pre-ecplise member of the Hawks. He was fiercely loyal to Griffith, and also appeared to dislike Guts. He was sacrificed along with his fellow Hawks during the eclipse.

Farnese Vandimion

Initially the Holy Iron Chain Knights leader, she now travel's with Guts and is learning magic under Schierke tutelage.


2nd in command of The Band of the Hawks raiders.


The leader of the band of the Hawks and main villain of Berserk. After being Guts closest friend, he has betrayed him and joined the God Hand - the most powerful servants of evil in the setting.


Lead character of berserk manga and anime series


One of the members of the band of the hawk that Griffith sacrificed.


A member of the hawks who wielded a mighty mace. He was sacrificed by Griffith at the Eclipse.

Princess Charlotte

The heir to the throne of Midland, however in recent times this title has become practically redundant. She is in love with Griffith.


Guts's pint size companion. Puck provides the comic relief to the dark world of Berserk.


The only Hawk with the exceptions of Guts and Caska to survive the eclipse, as he was not travelling with the Hawks when the God-hand were summoned. He now works as a blacksmith.


He is loyal only to Farnese and is very skilled with the swords and probably the second most skilled human with a sword. With his cloak and sword he is able to command the element of wind.

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