Berserk Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme Ruler Trailer

Topic started by NickRobinson on July 18, 2011. Last post by SpikeSpiegel88 3 years, 5 months ago.
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so excited for this, berserk's my fav manga!
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that thing has more than jsut eyes it has a nose and a mouth too :)

personaly the mouth bugs me more

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This better freakin be as bloody and gory as the manga and previous anime or I'mma bomb something
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A new animated adaptation of Berserk??
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noooooo... I thought they were gonna keep the old art-style.. Now they have cgi as well:S?

Also, it seems to be 3 films based on the same part of the story the original anime was :S

Dammit, I just wanted them to follow the manga with a new show. The original anime was fantastic, but obviouslly starts far into the manga and ends on such a teasing moment.. I have only read up to the anime story and a few more chapters because I wanted to wait for more of the story to be animated. When I read the news a year(or more) ago about this, I thought it was gonna be just that.

Very dissapointed. I mean it's cool and all to see it.. again.. I guess. I love the old-school art style though, And I am sure they will have to keep allot of scenes out..

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