Bernard Wiseman

Bernard Wiseman is a anime/manga character in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise
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Bernard Wiseman was a rookie soldier during the One Year War, and one of the main Protagonists of Mobile Suit Gundam 0080. He sacrificed his life to defeat a prototype Gundam in order to stop the Colony of Libot from being destroyed.


Toward the end of the One Year War, Bernard Wiseman was a rookie Zaku pilot for the Principality of Zeon. On his first sortie he was shot down without destroying a single Earth Federation Mobile Suit. His Zaku crash lands inside the Colony of Libot, and upon exiting the suit he encounters a young boy named Alfred Izuruha.

Major Story Arcs

Bernard Wiseman returned to Zeon after being shot down on his first mission, where he is placed on the Cyclops Team lead by Stiner Hardy, a Zeon veteran. Bernie learns that the Cyclops team previous mission which was to capture a prototype federation mobile suit was a failure, and now he and the rest of team cyclops are to carry out a covert operation to capture the mobile suit at the colony where Berine was shot down at. Bernie takes on the role as the team grunt where he receives very little respect from his fellow soldiers for being such a low rank and having the embarrassment of being shot down on the first mission he ever partook in.

Upon Bernie's return to Libot he encounters the young boy, Alfred Izuruha once again. Alfred who is a Zeon enthusiast due to being star struck by Bernie after Bernie had lied about becoming an Ace pilot. Bernie uses Alfred to help in Operation Rubicon against the orders from his commanding officer, by having Alfred sneak in the base and take pictures of the mobile suit prototype the NT-1 Alex Gundam. Bernie strikes up a friendship with Alfred, and Alfred's next door neighbor, a federation officer named Christina MacKenzie.

Over the next several days Bernie assists team Cyclops in building a new Zeon mobile suit (Kampher) specifically designed to fighting against Gundam's. The one the night that operation Rubicon takes place disaster strikes. The Operation fails and all but of Team Cyclops except for Bernie are killed. It's after this that Bernie learns that as the result of the teams failure Zeon had decided to nuke the colony and destroy it. At first Bernie attempts to flee the colony, but is overcome by the guilt he would feel if he would leave and decides to stay.

Bernie gets Alfred's help one last time as they scrounge together scrap parts from downed mobile suits all across the colony, and weapons from a supply truck that had not been used by the Kampher before it's demise at the hands of the Gundam. Using these parts Bernie and Alfred repair the Zaku that Bernie had first crashed in on Libot in his first mission. Bernie then enacts a plan to destroy the Gundam and ultimately saving the colony from nuclear destruction. Unknown to Al, Bernie had already surmised that the fight against the Gundam would be his undoing, so he took steps to prepare the security of the Colony by recording a confession tape that Alfred was to hand over to the authorities in case anything happened.

On the day, Bernie decides to fight the Gundam, he sets up a trap drawing out the Gundam and luring it into the woods. He hides using the woods as camouflage as well as a smoke screen and parade balloons. The trap works and catches the Gundam off guard, allowing Bernie to use the Zaku's heat hawk to disable the Gundam's weapons, and heavilty damage it. The sheer capability of the Gundam is nearly too much for Bernie right from the get go as a bullet pierces the cockpit and damages his left eye. Then in a final desperate attack Bernie charges the Gundam severely damaging it to where it is no longer capable of combat by severing the head and one of the arms, but he is unable to save himself due to the Gundam piercing the cockpit with it's beam saber effectively killing Bernie.

In the aftermath, Alfred saw the moment Bernie died, and heard the federation officers comment that all that was left of the Zeon pilot (Bernie) was a "pile of hamburger meat". He also saw that the pilot of the Gundam was none other than Christina Mackenzie. Alfred watched Bernie's tape which told Al to take the confession tape to the authorities, but it was in vain as the federation had captured the Zeon ship carrying the nuclear weapons that were meant to destroy Libot. Bernie's legacy was in Alfred who saw just how ugly war was.

Powers & Abilities

Bernard Wiseman is a mobile suit pilot for the principality of zeon, so he understands the basics of how to operate a mobile suit; however, his rotten luck causes him to be shot down in his first sortie, thus effectively ruining his chances to pilot a mobile suit ever again. Bernie only pilots a mobile suit in battle twice in his life, but it is in his second and final sortie that he shows how resourceful he is. Using a mobile suit repaired with mismatched scrap parts, and an assortment of weapons that do not help his chances against a far superior opponent, manages to cause severe damage to a powerful Gundam mobile suit, which is the face of the opposition for Zeon's enemy. This final fight renders the Gundam "destroyed", but it is at the cost of Bernie's life. So despite the effectiveness of Bernie's plan it was not enough to save him.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
David Hayter
Kouji Tsujitani
General Information Edit
Name: Bernard Wiseman
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket #1
1st anime movie:
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