Berial is a anime/manga character in the Rave Master franchise
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Berial is a blue demon and a member of Oracion Seis in the Rave Master franchise.


Berial is a war loving, blue demon who is a member of Oracion Seis and a leader of the demons.


Berial, who is created by Hiro Mashima, has no current information on what inspires the author to create him. His Japanese voice actor is Souichirou Tanaka, and his English actor is Kirk Thornton. He appears in Rave Master episode 24.

Story Arcs

Mystery of Elie Arc

In the city of Technotica, Berial appears in front of Jegan and Reina. He tells them that he cannot wait and that he massacred the whole city's inhabitants to kill time.

Symphonia Arc

He appears on the back of Jegan's black dragon, Julia, with the rest of his team. After Lucia leaves, the Oracion Seis make their move. Reina and Julius announce that they will kill Elie to prevent her Etherion from activating since Lucia's kiss invoke it. Berial tells Haru and the others to not get in the way, but he tells them that he will kill them anyways. As soon as Julius walks up to Elie, he uses G-Earth to change the landscape to mountains and canyons to separate Haru's group. He challenges Haru.

Throughout the battles, Berial is not amused with Haru's attacks since Haru has not managed to hurt him. After Let and Musica have fallen in defeat, Berial restores the landscape back to normal. He grabs Haru by the hair and pins him on the ground. He forces Haru to watch Elie get kill by Julius. When Haru refuses to give up, Berial uses the earth to form fists to pummel Haru. In Julius's fight, Elie struck Julius under the belt and shoots his face. Berial places his hand on his forehead and has a look on his face. Julius gets angry and beat Elie, and when Julius cuts Griffon in half, Elie's Etherion activates and hits Julius and Berial.

Berial survives the attack, and Haru, who is free, punches Julius's face. Berial attacks Haru with a wave of earth, but Haru uses Melforce to cut through his attack. Berial gets bombarded by Haru's Explosion attacks. He gets up to attack Haru with Reina's help. However, Haru defeats Reina and Berial with Blue Crimson. Then Haja strikes Haru from behind. He orders his team to finish off Haru and Elie. Berial and his team prepare to end Haru and Elie's life. Out of nowhere, Sieg Hart blasts Berial and his team with magic. When Haru, Musica, and Let arrive to assist Sieg Hart to protect Elie, Haja declares a retreat. Back at Demon Card headquarters, Berial and his team finds Lucia in King's throne. He learns that Lucia is the heir to the Raregroove kingdom when Haja announces his last name and presents the Decalogue sword.

Powers and Abilities

Changing the earth
Changing the earth

Like his Oracion Seis members, Berial uses a six star Dark Bring. His Dark Bring is called G-Earth which allows him to manipulate earth. He can form tidal waves, change landscape, and use it to attack his enemies.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Kirk Thornton
Souichirou Tanaka
General Information Edit
Name: Berial
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Rave Master #24
1st anime movie:
Aliases Belial
Blue Demon
Powers & Battle Rankings Edit
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Earth Manipulation
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