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Bending is the art of manipulating the natural elements of the world.


In the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender, there are citizens of each of the four nations that can manipulate, or bend, an element to their will. It is because of this that elements are ascribed to the different nations: Air Nomads, Water Tribes, Fire Nation, and Earth Kingdom. It is said that the styles of bending came from different animals from each of the nations in the world. While anyone can learn the techniques to bending, not everyone has the potential to do it or some choose not to to live a normal life in a different role. Each element has its own style of bending with no two elements using the same technique in order to master the respective medium. For example, a person who has learned the art of waterbending cannot use the same powers to control earth. As bending is a spiritual practice, it requires energy in the body referred to as chi in order to harness the powers that come with it.

In order to keep a balance in the world, the spirits created a figure whose role it was to maintain peace between the four elements: the Avatar. The Avatar is a reincarnating being who follows a cycle and is the only person in the world that can master all four elements. The Avatar is born following the cycle of Water, Earth, Fire, Air (Example: Avatar Kyoshi was born an earthbender, next was Avatar Roku a firebender, then Avatar Aang the airbender, and now Avatar Korra a waterbender).

While there are the four main elements, there are other mediums that people have shown they can bend. Some waterbenders can manipulate plants, relying on the water inside them. Earthbenders can control sand since sand is ground earth.





Other Bending

 The other forms of bending are based within the four main bending arts.


A technique that can be used by a waterbending master, but only during a full moon.  Using bloodbending, a water bender can control another persons or animals body. Katara learned the technique of bloodbending, but finds it too vile to use. Tarrlok has also been revealed a Blood Bender, and used the technique against Avatar Korra after she isolated him away from water and he used the technique against her, It was the lack of a full moon that flagged Korra to the fact Tarrlock may be the most powerful waterbender ever, and certainly the strongest Blood Bender.


 An earthbending master can learn this technique, though it is rare. Toph Bei Fong was the first known Metalbender, her daughter Lin Bei Fong also knows the technique.


A fairly common technique among master firebenders.
A technique used to change the chi flow in someones body. Avatar Aang used it to take away Ozai's firebending.  And Amon uses it in his war against benders.
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Concept Name Bending
Japanese Name: ベンディング
Romaji Name: bendingu
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Avatar: The Last Airbender #1
1st anime movie:
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