Ben 10: Omniverse Characters

Ben 10: Omniverse is an anime series in the DELETE franchise
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Albedo is a Galvin who wanted to copy the omintrix but becomes the shape of Ben Tennyson and is now an evil twin of Ben.


A con man and former partner of Kevin


Azimuth is the creator of the Omitrix

Cooper Daniels

Cooper is one of Ben's allies and is the grandson of one of Max's plumber friends.

Dr. Animo

Dr. Animo is a villain in the Ben 10 series

Dr. Psychobos

A scientist who works with Malware and Khyber


A villain in Ben 10 Race Against time and In Ultimate Alien,He is an evil version of Ben.

Julie Yamamoto

Julie is the main love interest of Ben


a new Ben 10 Villain

Khyber's Dog

the pet of khyber


a villain in the Ominverse series

Michael Morningstar

A rogue plumber kid in the Ben 10 series

Octagon Vreedle

The older brother and leader of the Vreedle Brothers.

Professor Paradox

Professor Paradox is a supporting character in The Ben 10 series.


Psyphon is Vilgax's right hand man in Alien force and Ultimate alien.

Rhomboid Vreedle

The younger brother and brawns of the Vreedle brothers.


Ben's new partner in Omniverse

Tetrax Shard

also known as Hoverboard is an ally of Ben Tennyson


Vilgax is the big bad of the Ben 10 franchise and the most recurring villain of the series.

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