Believe (Dub: A Call to Adventure)

Believe (Dub: A Call to Adventure) is an anime episode of Shaman King that was released on 11/21/2001
 Birību  (ビリーブ) 
Bason's flashback of Ren's fight with Tao Yuan is reveal to Anna and the others. Anna Kyoyama tells them to not interfere with Ren's family. Yet, Yoh and his friends disobeys Anna's orders and takes a short cut through the cemetry.
Meanwhile, Mikihisa observes Ryu's fight and BoZ monks (Zen and Ryo) makes their first appearance and plays their music which causes all of the spirits to pass away into the afterlife.
Anna can read Yoh's mind and she knows where Yoh and the others are going and Pirika cries that Horohoro abandons her. Anna tells viewers it is one month before Shaman Fight starts.
BoZ monks ambushes Yoh and the others and Tamao, (? reason for being there) and BoZ monks use their sutra to send Ponchi, Conch, Bason, and Amidamaru to the afterlife. 
Even though Korokoro cannot pass into the afterlife, Horohoro is still useless because the  BoZ monks traps Kororo into a mortuary tablet.
However,  Yoh overpowers the Chimimouryou by pumping his oversoul into them, but Ryu comes out of nowhere and defeats the Chimimouryou.
Mikihisa shows up and tells Ryu he passes the test and vanishes. Silva shows up and tells Yoh and the others that Ryu is a shaman.

Meanwhile, the three girls unknown  (blonde, orange, blue hairs) tells Hao about the battle that took place.
Ryu tells them that he will help Yoh and his friends get Ren. However, Yoh and Tamao's spirits are in the afterlife with Bason. Yet, Anna shows up with Pirika and uses her Itako powers to bring back all the spirits including Amidamaru, Bason, and Ponchi and Conchi who got sent to the afterlife by the BoZ monks. Also, Anna brings Yoh a book, Chinese for Beginners, due to reading Yoh's mind before Yoh and his friends run away. The scene ends with the shamans saying goodbye to their loved ones, Anna, Pirika, and Silva.
In China, it has been 10 days since Ren is imprisoned and 20 days since Jun has not taken a bath. Ren still believes he can end the cycle of hatred.

Anime and Manga differences

  1.  BoZ monks look different from their counterparts in the manga probably due to the costumes
  2. Unlike the manga, there is not Buddhist car playing the sutra.
  3. Unlike the manga, in the anime: Horohoro, Manta, Bason, Silva, Mikihisa, Pirika, and Anna did not show up during the battle and after.
  4. In the manga, BoZ monks ambush Yoh and Tamao (and their respective spirits) at a Shinto shrine. In the anime, BoZ monks are at the cemetery where they ambush Yoh, Tamao, Bason, Manta, Horohoro, and their spirits.
  5. The episode strays away from the manga's original meeting of the BoZ monks. The episode adds more details on Yoh and friend's journey than the manga's scene.
  6. In the anime, Ryu volunteers to help Ren versus what he did in the manga.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiroyuki Takei Writer Creator of the Shaman King manga. Currently he teamed up with Stan Lee to create a new manga called Ultimo.


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