Behold! The 'Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire' Technique

Behold! The 'Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire' Technique is an anime episode of Ranma ½ that was released on

Ranma, angered that Cologne puts him into a condition where he can't turn back into a boy, refuses to believe that as he jumps into a hot tub, and shouts that it's hot.

When he wakes up, Ranma is surprised that he is wearing a pink bodysuit. It belongs to Nabiki, who tells him that he can have it if he wants. Ranma reminds her that he's a boy, but Nabiki tells him that he's a girl and that the color of the bodysuit is so Ranma. Kasumi comments that it is really cute since Ranma is spending his time as a girl which he just said that it's not like he just can't help it, but he's a boy.

While walking, Ranma swore about trying to turn back to normal. Just then, Kuno runs to him and Ranma tries to turn his back away from him, but Kuno comes from behind, apologizing him for mistaking him as his rival. Just as Kuno is about to hug him, Ranma kicks him off when Shampoo asks him if he's going to marry her. When Kuno comes back, Akane throws her bag into his face; Kuno tries to charm Akane, but Shampoo hits him in the head with her bike and tells the good news to Ranma.

In a playground, Shampoo tells Ranma and Akane about the Phoenix Pill, the antidote to Ranma's condition. As Ranma jumps happily, Akane asks Shampoo why did she tell him about the cure and she replies that she likes Ranma better as a boy and that Akane likes Ranma better as a girl. Shampoo calls her a pervert for it.

Upon arriving at Cat's Cafe, Ranma tries to get the Phoenix Pill from Cologne, but he gets beat up every time he tries to. Just then, Ranma gets a job of being a waitress in the place.

In the next morning, Soun commented of how did Ranma turned Cat's Cafe a popular place.

Meanwhile, Ranma loses his mind from doing Cologne's work. He gets slapped by Akane and Shampoo for that. Afterwards, Cologne shows Ranma the Chestnuts on an Open Fire technique. Unfortunately for Ranma that as long as he has the condition, he cannot master the technique. Upset by it, the gang have decided to go to a fair into order to cheer Ranma up.

In the fair, Ranma is having fun until Cologne puts him into a fight. He manages to get the pill from her, but he still feels hot from the water. It is revealed that Ranma didn't swallow the pill, but it's candy.

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