Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division

Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division is a anime/manga concept
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A military division that is owned by Behemoth but currently led by Jabberwock, his son. It also works directly under Lord En.


In order to ensure that his sons, En and Beelzebub, have an equal chance to ascend to the throne as his rightful heir, the Demon King has given them their own loyal servants, with En receiving Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division. Recently, his army has started to assist him in eliminating Beel's contractor, Oga, to rise to glory and become the Great Demon Lord's successor.


Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division is comprised of 394 members in total, with 10 Pillar Heads, 24 Pillars and an additional 15 members in each division that are commanded by a higher ranking officer.

Pillar Head

A commanding officer of the 34 Pillar Divisions. Each of them are named after a famous dragon.

List of Pillar HeadsDescription
JabberwockThe current leader of the entire army and Behemoth's son. He was previously removed from the 34 Pillar Division but was reinstated because his father wanted him to become his successor.
LaymiaBehemoth's closest adviser and one of the main strategists in the plot to eliminate Beel and his contractor.
NagaThe first Pillar Head to attack Oga and Beel. However, he subsequently lost to them and was taken back to the Demon World. He has not made an appearance since then.
BasiliskA Pillar Head with a temper.
YataA seemingly calm and rational Pillar Head.
SalamanderA care free Pillar Head who doesn't mind letting a few things go. It was recently shown that he can use his flames to erase a person's memory albeit it has not yet been shown how it works.
QuetzalcoatlA Pillar Head with a bizarre clown appearance. He seems to be one of En's closest Pillar Heads as he accompanies him to confront the Ishiyama students.
VritraA Pillar Head who was introduced during a meeting between the Pillar Heads.


A Pillar is one rank lower than a Pillar Head.

List of PillarsDescription
HecadosHe is the 8th Pillar. Also, he's the first Pillar and member from the entire 34 Pillar Division to come into contact with Beel and Oga. However, he was subsequently thrown into jail as punishment for going to the Human World without authorization.
GraphelThe second Pillar to come into contact with humans, particularly Toujou and Izuma. Like Hecados, he is also imprisoned for his insubordinate actions.
AgielOne of the few female Pillars in Behemoth's Army. She was the first demon to fight Kunieda one-on-one in which she loses.
O'DonnellAn eccentric Pillar wrapped in chains and bandages.
WasbogaThe 21st Pillar of Behemoth's Army.
RabidThe 11th Pillar of Behemoth's Army.
KusobraThe 22nd Pillar of Behemoth's Army. Oga easily knocks him out with a punch.
DaneThe 4th Pillar of Behemoth's Army.
KuneThe 10th Pillar of Behemoth's Army.
YuchelleAnother female Pillar and the 23rd Pillar of Behemoth's Army.
General Information Edit
Concept Name Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division
Japanese Name: ベヘモット34柱師団
Romaji Name: Behemotto 34 chūshidan
Aliases Behemoth's 34th Pillar Squad
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Beelzebub #40
1st anime movie:
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