Beginnings, Part 2

Beginnings, Part 2 is an anime episode of The Legend of Korra that was released on 10/18/2013

Plot Summary

Over at Fire Island, the sages place Korra in a deep sleep, so that Korra can remember her identity. In Wan's past, Wan asks Raava to let him help her capture Vaatu. Later, Wan and his cat deer, Mula, run into some monks airbending to get the fruits. When the monks spot Wan, they quickly run away to a Lion Turtle that is floating beyond the cliff. Excited by the powers of airbending, Wan makes catapult from a tree where he throws himself to the Lion Turtle. In the village of the Air Benders, Wan meets up with the locals and shares his adventures. Before he could do that, the evil spirits run amok in the village. Then, Vaatu appears in front of the village. Wan fights back the evil spirits until Raava aids him. After Vaatu escapes, Wan notices Raava is shrinking while Vaatu is growing in size. Later, Wan asks the Lion Turtle to give him the power to bend air. At first, the Lion Turtle declines, but he informs Raava to help Wan learn to master airbending.

With a year before the Harmonic Convergence, Wan trains to master the elements. He learns that Raava has to pass through him to change elements. In addition, light and darkness cannot exist without each other. Raava or Vaatu cannot be destroyed due to the spiritual balance. After learning how to earthbend and waterbend for a long time, Wan and Raava run into Jaya and his people who are burning the forest. Jaya tells Wan that Yao didn't make it. He states that they take down any spirits because they attacked them first. Then, Aye-Aye and his group arrive. Raava points out that Vaatu is turning Aye-Aye and his group into evil spirits by using their anger. Wan attempts to stop both sides from fighting by fusing with Raava to enter the Avatar State. Though, Wan could not sustain himself in that form any longer. The battle erupts once Wan collapses.

Waking up, Wan gazes upon the burning battlefield, and he sees Raava suffering in agony. Wan, Raava, and Mula head over to the southern portal, the entrance to the spirit world. Hours before the Harmonic Convergence, Wan quickly finds himself overwhelmed by Vaatu. Wan asks Raava to fuse with him. Wan flees from Vaatu to gain some distance while retaliating with long distance attacks. Though, Wan's body could hold out much longer. Vaatu tosses Wan like a rag doll. Near the southern portal, Vaatu pins Wan down as the planets align themselves. Wan quickly touches the spiritual channel that gives him a burst of energy. Wan finally bonds with Raava completely. In his Avatar State, Wan bends all four elements to seal Vaatu in a hole of a giant tree.

With the battle over, Wan has the spirits head back to their home. Wan seals the spiritual portal, and he will act as an emissary between the spirits and humans. Throughout his life, Wan struggles to guide the world into peace. However, he dies not reaching his goal. Raava assures him that they will be together forever. Wan's spirit passes on and enters the cycle of reincarnation.

Then, Korra wakes up, knowing her identity. She heads off to close the southern portal after receiving an air bison from the fire priestess.

Points of Interest

  • This episode was premiered at New York Comic Con on October 12, 2013.

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