Beginnings, Part 1

Beginnings, Part 1 is an anime episode of The Legend of Korra that was released on 10/18/2013

Plot Summary

Korra is taken to a priestess at fire nation temple. The priestess examines Korra and finds that she is infected by a dark spirit. Korra then is dropped into a spiritual pool of water so she can reconnect with her avatar spirit and rid herself of the dark spirit. The process shows Korra the life of Wan, the first avatar. Years before Korra's time, Wan lived as a thief in the city of Chou the Elder. One day, Wan volunteers to go with a hunting party to find food in the wild. Before leaving, he is given the power to firebend. On the hunt, Wan deceives the hunters into thinking he is a coward and is allowed to go back to the city. Wan decides to keep the element of fire. He then uses it to start a rebellion against the Chou brothers. The rebellion fails and Wan is banished from the city.In the forest, he meets a group of spirits at an oasis. At first he is rejected by them for being a human.

He gains their trust when he saves a cat-deer from the hunters. Wan decides to live in the wild the way the spirits. The spirits train Wan in proper firebending and he guards them from other humans.Eventually Wan inspires some people from his city to live in the wild through his example. Sometime later, Wan encounters two large spirits battling in a valley. The black spirit tells him that the white had been tormenting him for thousands of years. Feeling pity for the spirit, Wan breaks up the fight and allows the dark spirit to go. The white spirit then scolds Wan for letting the dark spirit go. She explains that is Raava, spirit of light and peace while the dark spirit is Vaatu, spirit of darkness and chaos. Raava blames Wan for unleashing chaos into the realm and for putting the realm into danger.

Points of Interest

  • Beginnings serves as a prequel special which reveals the very first avatar: Wan.
  • Animation: Studio Mir

Characters & Voice Actors

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