Fumika's past is revealed.

Detailed Summary

Kaname attacks Kirameki, who shot mail carrier Fumika at the end of the prior episode, and their fight ends with Kirameki being locked in a room in his own house. Haruna, Natsuka and Kaname tend to Fumika's wounds only to find out that Fumika has a healing ability and is actually fine. After she is healed, she proceeds to tell them the story of her past.

Kirameki has been abusing his daughter, Fumika Mikawa, since an early age. He forces her to disrobe and he proceeds to write drafts and brainstorm ideas using her body as a canvas. During these sessions he appears to be in an insane rage and screams hateful things about Kirei, his ex-wife, towards Fumika Mikawa. In order to cope with this, Fumika's mind splits into two personalities: Mika and Fumi. Mika is cold and emotionless and eventually becomes mail carrier Fumika. Fumi is the more compassionate and soft spoken child that Kaname and Natsuka met in middle school. The abuse eventually escalates to the point where Fumi feels like she is going to die. In response, Mika takes over and shoots Kirameki.

Having fully recovered from her wounds, Fumika decides to kill Kirameki once and for all, but she is stopped by Haruna.

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