Beginning is an anime episode of Togainu no Chi that was released on 12/23/2010

Nano and Shiki continue their fight, causing massive amounts of collateral damage. As the fight progresses it becomes substantially more obvious that Shiki is gaining the upper hand in their fight.


 Rin meets up with Motomi
 Rin meets up with Motomi

Meanwhile Motomi waits for Rin, Keisuke, and Akira. Soon, Rin arrives and informs Motomi that Keisuke and Akira were making their way to the church. Motomi suspects that there is something wrong. Rin heads out to find the two of them, while Motomi waits.



Akira vs Shiki
Akira vs Shiki

Shiki taunts Akira, for grieving over the loss of Keisuke, and Akira grows angry, and attacks Shiki, but Shiki is easily able to block Akira’s attacks. Shiki swings for a deadly blow, but Rin intercepts. Rin discovers that Keisuke was killed, and tells Akira that fighting Shiki isn’t worth it. Akira doesn’t listen and still goes to attack Shiki. Rin gives up on convincing Akira otherwise, and helps his comrade fight Shiki.


 Nano saves Akira
 Nano saves Akira

  Akira is knocked to the side, and Rin takes his turn attacking Shiki. Shiki grabs Rin my the throat and throws him to the ground, sticking his katana into Rin’s leg. Akira goes to attack Shiki, but Nano interferes and cuts Shiki up the front of his chest.


There is a massive explosion, and Shiki escapes, only to be cornered by the CFC forces, which he easily defeats. Nano rescues Rin and Akira, and takes them to the road, from where they would be able to find Motomi. Nano explains to Akira and Rin that he has no reason to keep living, but Akira says that Nano could try to avoid the military and live normally. Nano gives Akira his knife, and they part ways. Nano fights his way through Toshima, killing the military troops in his way as Rin and Akira head off to meet up with Motomi.


 Dystopian streets of Toshima
 Dystopian streets of Toshima

Motomi, Akira, and Rin escape Toshima, as it begins to snow, through the underground sewers, leaving the carnage that covers Toshima. When the trio escapes, Akira is able to make a peaceful life for himself. Akira visits Rin in the hospital, and promises that he will continue to visit Rin in the hospital until he gets better.


Akira leaves the hospital, only to come across Motomi who started to work for the Nikko group, and possesses close ties to Toshima once more. Akira asks Motomi about Toshima, and it’s current state. Motomi tells Akira that a new form of Line is on the streets. Motomi invites Akira to dinner, but Akira refuses.


 The end begins
 The end begins

Akira returns home and dawns his fur hooded coat and a katana, and returns to the streets of Toshima. Akira finds Shiki, who is in possession of the new Line product. The two draw their swords and their fight begins. 

Episode Ending:


Note: The singer of this episode's ending is in fact Gunji's voice actor, Kisho Taniyama.

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