How do you think Bills changes DBZ in battle Forums?

Topic started by SMXLR8 on March 18, 2013. Last post by ImDictatorBowDown 1 year ago.
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@xlab3000: KameeeehameeeeeeeeeeeeeeHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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@eddz99: lol

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@ImDictatorBowDown: By buster it means that they one shot a planet, frieza was making fun of vegeta and nappa for taking too long to destroy a planet therefore he wasn't a planet buster. Cell is NOWHERE NEAR a star buster.

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@Reyeslkyubey: I disagree, the difference between a town buster and a moon buster in DBZ is little more than 1000 in PL, meaning that the interval between each consecutive number is either increasing at extreme rates or non-correlated, given this it isn't too far fetched for Cell to be Star level, especially given that signature techniques amplify DC in DBZ by magnitudes. Even if Nappa and Vegeta weren't planet busters they were at the very least casual moon busters, so kind of mute point.

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