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Beelzebub is an manga series in the Beelzebub franchise
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A second year student at Ishiyama High who's always eager to fight Oga whenever he's got the chance.


A Pillar of Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division who lost her match against Aoi Kunieda.


Alaindelon's daughter who, like him, is a dimensional transfer demon. She is also a bit of an airhead.

Aoi Kunieda

A junior student from Ishiyama High and the previous leader of the Red Tails, as well as the second strongest Tohoshinki. She also has a crush on Oga but doesn't admit it.

Bathym de Alaindelon

A dimensional transfer demon who works under Hilda. He's currently living at Furuichi's place without his consent.


The leader of the 34th Pillar Squad, a powerful army that works directly under the Great Demon Lord and Master En.


A member of MK5.


A member of MK5.

Chiaki Tanimura

A member of the Red Tails who can use four guns simultaneously.

Forkas Rafmaninoff

A doctor from the demon world with an extreme hatred of humans. Hence, he uses a blue Mu-mu body to avoid contact with them.

Furuichi Takayuki

Oga's only friend who is a non-delinquent and lacks any fighting ability. Although he sometimes acts rational and passive, he does have a small "evil" side and a perverted mind when it comes to girls.

Hidetora Toujou

Toujou is the One of the strongest fighters of Ishiyama High who uses rigid brutal force and always seeks a good fight. That said, he also has a soft side towards animals and babies.


Hilda , full name Hildegard , wet nurse from the Demon world who helps Oga raise Beelzebub.

Himekawa Tatsuya

A student of Ishiyama High and the heir of the Himekawa Group. He commonly uses underhand tactics to defeat his opponents and is a source of outside information.

Hisaya Miki

A student of Saint Ishiyama Academy as well as a member of the Six Knights. He also happens to know Oga and Furuichi from middle school.

Honoka Furuichi

Furuichi Takayuki's younger sister.

Ichiro Shinjo

A member of the six knights and the captain of Saint Ishiyama's boxing club.


The leader of MK5.

Ittousai Kunieda

The grandfather of Aoi and Kota Kunieda who masters the shingetsu style.


The current General of the 34th Pillar Squad.

Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV

The Demon King's son sent to earth in order to be raised by a human and destroy humanity. He is strongly attached to Oga, constantly clinging onto his back or sitting on his head.

Kanzaki Hajime

The weakest of the Tohoshinki with a malicious nature. He was easily defeated by Oga, but despite his loss, he's become loyal to his remaining subordinates and new allies.

Kaoru Jinno

One of Toujo's right-hand men who's a bit of a bookworm but nonetheless has proven to be a good fighter.

Kazuya Yamamura

Wishing to become a stronger individual, Kazuya Yamamura seeks out Oga Tatsumi since he is the strongest fighter from Ishiyama High. He becomes Oga's "brother" because he wants to be a delinquent. His childhood friend is Azusa Fujisaki.

Kota Kunieda

He is Aoi Kunieda's younger brother, and a friend of Beelzebub IV.


A very small demon doctor that comes to the human world to help treat Baby Beel and/or Hilda. She strongly disapproves of Oga and has recently been working with Furuichi to find Lord En.

Misaki Oga

Oga's older sister and the first leader (founder) of the Red Tails.

Mitsuteru Sakaki

A member of the six knights and the captain of Saint Ishiyama's kendo team. He's also the least talkative of the knights.


A member of MK5.

Nene Omori

A member of the Red Tails and its new leader after Aoi quit.

Oga Tatsumi

A strong fighter who becomes the earthly father of the Demon King's son, Beelzebub.


A Pillar Head of Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division.

Ryoko Asuka

One of the quieter members of the Red Tails who often makes sarcastic comments.


A member of the MK5 whose second in command.


A second year student who has a crush on Aoi Kunieda and often says "Good Night" to address people.

Shintarou Natsume

Natsume is a student currently pursuing the 3 years and is one of the subordinates of Kanzaki. He is a soft spoken person.


A loyal underling of Kanzaki.

Shoji Aizawa

One of Toujo's right-hand men and a good fighter.

Yuka Hanazawa

A talkative member of the Red Tails who often makes embarrassing statements.

Zenjuro Saotome

A spellmaster who once made a contract with a demon and is capable of using its power. He's also Oga's homeroom teacher.

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