Weekly Beezebub: Ep. 32 - Volleyball, Fan Service, & Pompadour

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Welcome to the first Weekly Beezebub thread. Inspired by my colleagues' blogs that cover anime in their wiki work, I should also follow their footsteps. I'm part of trio team on the Beelzebub anime project with Annabanana and ShadowKnight508.

I'm here to spread the love of the series and to show our hard work to the community and the world.

Without further ado, let talk about the good and the bad stuff with this episode.

Beware of Spoilers!

Plot Summary

Furuichi: Stop the Oga Harem!
Furuichi: Stop the Oga Harem!

Oga and his gang of delinquents have to settle their dispute with the Six Holy Knights in a game of volleyball in the school festival in a month from now. If team Ishiyama fails to defeat the Holy Knights, they will expel from the school. If they win, the Holy Knights will lose their powers.However, a new transfer student appears. It's Hilda! When Aoi and the girls only find Oga and Furuichi for practice, Hilda decides to motivate the rest of boys. What does she have in store for them? After the boys are practicing hard on the following day, Hilda and Aoi have a little match to decide who will be the captain of the team.

Will Aoi prove herself against Hilda and become captain, who was presumed to be Oga's wife? Will Himekawa's pompadour stay down? When will Oga and Miki's past be revealed?

Find out by watching this episode!

The Good

Himekawa lets his hair down. Look out girls, he might buy you.
Himekawa lets his hair down. Look out girls, he might buy you.
  • Despite the fan service targeted at the guys, the female audience get to see their first Bishounen character, Himekawa. Who reminds me of Grevil de Blois and Bokuto no Ryu for some reason?
  • Team Work: It's nice to see them working together in this episode when all these guys are enemies back in the old days.
  • It's pretty hilarious how Hilda got the boys to play volleyball.

See the Hot When Their Pompadour are Down thread.

The Bad

  • The last episode's preview actually spoiled Hilda's appearance. Oh well. In fact, I think how the manga did it to increase the suspense was better.

For example, the manga ended the chapter of the delinquent's chance to avoid expulsion with Hilda's surprise appearance.

Winner: Team Ishiyama
Winner: Team Ishiyama
  • The MK5 plus one's match was done quickly, but it felt like it was not needed. I felt it interrupted the flow of the episode when it did not add more to the comedy. It's not surprising that they are weak.

The Bizarre

Yuka: Damn your huge melons!
Yuka: Damn your huge melons!
  • Is it me or this episode makes Hilde's breasts more emphasizing and big? When Hilda has her gothic lolita outfit on, her body looks normal versus the time she wears her gothic lolita dress in this episode. It just got bigger. The episode was based on a chapter called Boobie Volley.
  • Yuka Hanzawa starts to talk about Aoi's body in a strange and affectionate manner. She hates Hilda's large breasts and prefers Aoi's "slender body." She could be the first lesbian character in the series. I cannot exclude another possiblitiy that she could be bisexual. Look at Alaindelon, he likes Furuichi, but he has a daughter. (For some reason, his wife is not revealed yet. I still question if Angelica is his real daughter)

*I mean no offense to viewers who have homosexual or bisexual orientation. I tend to make strange notes about characters as it is part of my wiki editor roles. I still seek implied sex scenes for both straight, yaoi, and yuri examples for Anime Vice.


Thank you for reading this weekly Beelzebub article.

I thank Anna and ShadowKnight508 for being supportive. Please see their wiki work for Beelzebub episode 32. Thank Anna and ShadowKnight508 for the lovely images especially the stitched caps.

It's my turn to work on Beelzebub ep. 33. I'm just a wiki editor who cannot seem to get out his comfort zone to write about anime. It's good practice for me.

Feel free to comment or to voice improvements.


I think I was more enthusiastic in this one than the Blue Exoricist's Weekly thread for 20-21.

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Updates - Add Himekawa's image and Pompadour link.

Looking at the title, I did not talk about pompadours when I published this. It need some hair love.

I think my title is bad. Originally, I was going to call it Boobie Volley based on the chapter, but it sounds offensive to the female fans.

Tune in for the Next Beelzebub thread. Hopefully, I get my partners to voice their testimonies because I feel lonely.

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Another great episode full of humor and action, even with the slight misses that hinder it as stated by Takashichea in his OP. In addition, this episode did not need the MK5 part at the end (which seemed out of place in my opinion), but I have yet to read the Beelzebub manga, so I can't fully compare it to the episode. Seeing Himekawa's "new" Bishounen look due in part to the surprise makeover from Yuka and her partners was funny as well, for he looks so much different without his trademark hair and shades.

For those who have not gotten a chance to try out this wonderful series, I highly recommend it. Great humor, great fights, interesting characters, and more random moments than you can shake a stick at.

I am having a blast working together with Takashichea and AnnaBanana on Beelzebub as part of our 3-man Wiki team, for this show is one of the best shows that I have seen since Angel Beats! grabbed my attention when it first aired.

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I don't read ahead in the manga. I read the chapter it was based on after watching the episode to fill in those Anime and Manga Differences sections because I like to keep the suspense high.

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