Weekly Beelzebub: Ep. 60 - I Won't Say Goodbye

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Don't cry Beel, it's not the end for your show. Just new beginnings!
Don't cry Beel, it's not the end for your show. Just new beginnings!

Welcome to the last weekly Beelzebub report! It has been a honor serving this community with my teammates on working on the Beelzebub wiki project and promoting the love. Despite the recent news that Beelzebub is going to end, I'm hoping for a second season. They can't end it when the real action between Behemoth's 34 division and Oga's gang. The ending was not satisfying for me. I'll tell you why in this report.


Ep. 60: I Won't Say Goodbye - "Sayonara wa iimasen" (さよならは言いません)

It's the final episode in the Beelzebub series. After Aoi and the rest of the Ishiyama delinquents shed tears over the loss of Oga and Beel, Alaindelon shocks them by bringing back Oga and Beel. Things do not go smoothly when Hilda states that the Great Demon Lord is not going to destroy the humans. This means Beel's goal is no more and that he and his gang will go home. Everyone is freaking out.

Will Oga, Beel, and the gang part ways forever? Find out by watching Beelzebub's final episode!


Beware of spoilers!


Aoi draws Agiel's measurements
Aoi draws Agiel's measurements
  • At the beginning of the episode, we are treated with a row of crying delinquents. I have never seen that before. It's quite interesting. What's more interesting and funny is that Oga and Beel pop out in front of them at the river. Aoi and Himekawa's response is hilarious. You got to love them.
  • Beel and Hilda scenes: After the idea of raising Beel to destroy humanity is not in the Demon Lord's favor, Beel freaks out because he has to go home. Beel gives Hilda a hard time. I never seen Beel kick and throw the book at Hilda or the fact that Hilda is trying to be all cutesy again.
  • Aoi and Koma scenes: I don't know how Koma manage to get Aoi to almost say or do perverted thing. When Aoi draws X, Y, and Z, I couldn't stop laughing.


Toujou: What the hell, I get no attention or action?!
Toujou: What the hell, I get no attention or action?!
  • Toujou finally appears in a long time only to sell food and find no one to fight. It's not good for the Toujou fans.
  • The ending of the series was not that bad. Beel finally become a man when he didn't shock Oga. I almost believe Beel doesn't need Oga to be his parent and to be a man. During the credits, Beel and Hilda came back due to the Demon Lord's wishy washy self. What was the point of going home and the serious goodbyes?
  • On the bright side, this will prevent plot holes when Beelzebub animes series gets revived.


Big bro, I understand your love for Alaindelon knows no bounds
Big bro, I understand your love for Alaindelon knows no bounds
  • Did Furuichi got his first kiss from Alaindelon? I kept replaying the scene, and I think Alaindelon just gave him a peck on the cheek. Just ignore me on this statement.
  • Speaking of Toujou's appearance, the only characters that didn't appear are the Holy Knights.
  • I feel bad for Honoka. Does she really think her brother is truly gay? Do you guys think that too?

Overall, this episode is great. The humor is still beating, but there is not much action since everyone is going home.

Discussion and Future Blogs

I was thinking of ways to make this report special. I didn't find any good scenes for a GIF or a stitched cap. Instead, I'll ask you guys some questions.

  • What is your impression on Beelzebub? What were the best and worse moments in Beelzebub?

Feel free to comment on anything. Tell me my captions are bad or funny. I need to improve the weekly reports. This weekly reports are for the whole community and the outside world.


I'm going to do four this month.

Leaving our signatures in the community
Leaving our signatures in the community
  1. Introducing Team Beelzebub- Ever since I did the Beelzebub wiki project in Daniel Newton's format, I felt it has no personality or passion. This blog will tell you about the individuals who worked hard on Beelzebub. You'll read about their testimonies on Beelzebub.
  2. Beelzebub Recognition - It's type of blog based on the ideas of giving shout outs to all the wiki editors worked on the project. I got to give credit. It's one of the most time consuming blogs, but it's worth it.
  3. Beelzebub Anthology - It's similar to Sora_thekey's blogs where you have a list of all the past weekly reports.
  4. Beginner Guide to Beelzebub - I'm going to do my third Beginner Guide. Hopefully, I finish this week, but I'm bad with promises to finish Beginner Guides in time.


Good job, team!
Good job, team!

Thank you everyone for reading my team's weekly reports, and I thank my teammates for supporting the community with all their hard work and passion. This is one of the biggest team of wiki editors in the Anime Vice community. I feel blessed to work with these awesome people.

My teammates are Annabanana, ShadowKnight508, Sreenivas, and Arrussel.

Please see our wiki project, wiki vitae, and support the anime series and the Anime Vice community.

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Team Beelzebub and W.I.K.I. Nation

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My bad. It turns out I have to write weekly reports for Guilty Crown ep. 16 and 17. I'm a bit behind in Guilty Crown with my group. It's great that my teammates and I are up to speed with Sket Dance and Fairy Tail.

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