Weekly Beelzebub: Ep. 58 - Akumano Academy

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Welcome to my team's Weekly Beelzebub report! I'm Taka, and for those who do not know my teammates, they are...

My friend, Sreenivas, did episodes 56 and 57. Now, we need to catch up. Right now, the anime is heading into the manga's storyline. Are you guys and gals excited?!


Oga and Hilda are caught near a battle between Behemoth and Zenjuro, Ittousai, and the principal of St. Ishiyama. At the same time, Furuichi, Kanzaki, Himekawa, Nene, and the Red Tails girls (except Kaoru) stumble upon Akumano Academy. Lord En's men ambush the delinquents. Aoi shows up in the nick of time to fend off their attacks. Her battle with Agiel begins.


Akumano Academy
Akumano Academy

Beware of Spoilers!


Who do you love more?
Who do you love more?
  • Hilda's dream is a great way to start off the episode. It's cute that she got jealous of Oga getting Beel's affections and that she misinterprets his words.
  • Behemoth and his Pillar Generals are an interesting group. Quetzalcoatl and Agiel are the ones who got my attention the most.
  • Kanzaki and the delinquents display their moronic sides as they fight each other over who should be the first one to vandalize their new school. It's pretty hilarious.


  • There's not much bad stuff. I wish we get more Aoi and Agiel fighting, but we got teased with a cliffhanger. Aoi and Koma look awesome.


Lord En's North Korean Pose. Does it really look like it?
Lord En's North Korean Pose. Does it really look like it?
  • Dragon Ball Z Reference: Behemoth wonder what manga is this from when Genma Isurugi got all buff and attacks Behemoth.
  • Hilda's dream is pretty bizarre and random. Didn't expect it.
  • Many fans in Crunchyroll make a reference with Lord En's pose to the North Korean dictator pose. It's interesting. (No offense to North Koreans.)
  • Fan Service: I guess it's been a while since we saw some people showing skin like Lord En's wet nurses. There were scenes of close ups of Agiel's bikini, bust and crotch shots. Furuichi and Koma couldn't keep their eyes off Agiel.

New Characters:

From left to right: Behemoth, Basilisk, Agiel, Yata, Salamander, Quetzalcoatl, Odonel, and Zela.

Overall, the episode is excellent and gets four stars out of five.


Thank you guys for reading my team's report, and I thank my teammates for doing their best to support the community and working on the project while juggling school.

If you guys love a show or a manga, comment or make a blog about it. It'll make this community better.

Wiki Work Progress: I only finished episode 58's wiki page. I'm way behind in Beelzebub stuff because of school and other Wikia and wiki projects.

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Team Beelzebub and W.I.K.I. Nation

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Updated the Weekly Report LInks with my teammates. I apologize for the late reports on my side. I having a slight communication problem with Sreenivas. He gets very excited and writes the reports before I upload a good amount of images.

Beelzebub will have its final episode today. I will complete the report tonight. Next week, a beginner guide will be completed to celebrate Beelzebub for the fans.

Thank you, everyone.

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