Weekly Beelzebub: Ep. 52-And There Were No Delinquents

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Welcome to the Weekly Beelzebub report! I'm Taka, and for those who are new, my teammates are ShadowKnight508, Sreenivas, Arrussel, and Annabanana. This week's Beelzebub is another bizarre filler.


Ep. 52 - And There Were No Delinquents

It's a snow day for Oga and the Ishiyama delinquents. When they arrive to school and find out no one else is there, strange things happen such as delinquents getting beat up. Kazuya suspects the person is following the song where the Holy Knights beat up the delinquents. Who is the true culprit?

Find out by watching Beelzebub 52!


Beware of spoilers!


Aoi's Day Dreams
Aoi's Day Dreams
  • Beelzebub still retains its strange sense of humor. The so called song about the Delinquents getting beat up is a parody of a nursery rhyme called Ten Little Indians. In fact, Beelzebub Wikia has two more references which I need to add to the wiki.
  • Aoi's day dreams of her and Oga being alone never cease to bore me.
  • Same goes for Furuichi's perverted rants. He wants to see Aoi's body slathered with letters and wants to blow on Aoi's recorder.


Koma's only appearance
Koma's only appearance
  • This episode stops being funny after Hilda's little remark and Furuichi's perverted rants.
  • There were inconsistencies. Furuichi mention Behemoth, and the girls see Alaindelon split into two with Furuichi inside of him. The girls didn't even question it. It's a filler after all.


Yuka's eyes are too buggy
Yuka's eyes are too buggy
  • I love Hilda who is awestruck at Beel who simply wears nothing but a scarf. Her words crack me up when she talks about Beel letting all hang out.
  • Koma's perseverance to reach his wildest and perverted fantasies earn him the title of the biggest pervert in Beelzebub series. He's more worse than Furuichi.
  • When I watched the episode twice, I see a purple bubble. I could not believe I missed Koma, yet it became clear it was Koma when only the girls were the survivors.
  • Yuka's bug eyed is the strangest thing in this episode.

Overall, this episode gets a two out of five. I enjoyed other filler episodes better than this one.


I thank you guys for reading my team's report, and I thank my team for working hard to support the community while juggling school, family, and work.

Wiki Work Progress: This episode's wiki page is done. I didn't have time to do the characters due to school and other weekly reports. See the wiki list for a whole status report.

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