Weekly Beelzebub: Ep. 44 and 45 - Training and Video Games

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Welcome to the 12th blog for the Weekly Beelzebub. It has been a month since I did a report for Beelzebub. I'm sorry about that. It was a very busy month for everyone who had finals including the rest of team. Let's catch up with Beelzebub.


Episode 44: I Must Get Stronger

Oga finally begins his rigorous training under the guidance of Ittousai to become stronger however he soon realizes that its lot harder than it seems. In the meantime, Furuichi and Lamia join forces with the Ishiyama gang in their search for En. With his pride and determination, will Oga complete his training and become strong enough to fight the demons that threaten both his and Beel's life? And will Furuichi and Lamia find En and persuade him to call off his army from pursuing Beel and Oga before its too late?

By Anna (on 44's wiki page) See image gallery

Episode 45: Play Games At Most One Hour A Day

While Oga and Beel have some quality time with Zenjuro, Furuichi, Lamia, and the rest of the delinquents hunt for Lord En by searching through the video game world. Their search conveniently ends when Chiaki finds Lord En in a fighting game. Determined to find Lord En's location, Furuichi's group accepts a challenge from the young demon lord. The game is based on war games similar to Call of Duty. Will Furuichi and his team defeat Lord En in his game or will they burn in a sea of fire?

See Wiki page and image gallery


Beware of Mild Spoilers!


Isafuyu is a new character who makes her first debut in ep. 44. She is Aoi's friend and a shrine maiden of Mapputasu Temple.


  • In the stone challenge of the first episode, the babies imitate the delinquents and their silly challenge. Kouta and Beel fail to break a rock is the one of the cutest moments.
  • For video game lovers, you'll love the 2nd episode and the noobs who can't play. The avatars scenes is hilarious.
  • Moments of triumph such as the success of training and Red Tail group's cool moments really shines in this episode.


He deserves that
He deserves that
  • Be prepared for some fan disservice because Alaindelon is not only one who does it. Takumi is another strange character. You'll find out why.
  • Typical Perverted Anime Situations: For those who disliked anime stereotypes, there's a hot springs scene, and Kotaro suggests peeping at the girls. Luckily, Aoi overheard him and beat him.
  • For those who hate the over usage of Moe and other labels for girls, the scene with the soldiers admiring the wet nurses could turn you off.


  • For these two episodes, people who are not familar with Japanese puns could get lost with the meanings. There were two or more moments. Beelzebub is known for that.
  • Pride is a big issue these two episodes. Strangely, Beel seems to take too much credit from Oga. Kids act like kids.

Overall, these episodes are mostly funny with less emphasis on the plot. The action and the fights will come soon enough.

Annabanana's Stitched Cap Gallery

Since Anna uploads lovely images, I dedicate this section to her. She's one of the best wiki editors in our community. Our team always love her work she has been doing for this franchise and other shows.


Thank you everyone for reading my team's weekly report. I thank my team for doing their best with finals and school over. For wiki work, Anna did a great job on episode 44 while I finished ep. 45.

@AnnaBanana @ShadowKnight508 @Sreenivas @arrussel Thanks guys. You did a good job, and I hope you have an awesome winter break.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

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