Weekly Beelzebub: Ep. 39 - His Brother was a Crybaby!

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Welcome to the seventh weekly Beelzebub article! I'm Takashichea, and my teammates are Annabanana, ShadowKnight508, and Sreenivas. This week's episode, His Brother was a Crybaby, is about a day at the amusement park. We have a lovely image gallery for those who love images to collect, make animated GIFs, or more. They were provided by Anna and ShadowKnight508. For those who read the manga, I know how you feel with fillers, but let's talk about the good, the bad, and the bizarre first.


To recap: In the last episode, we see Lord En and his wet nurses for the first time. Lord En is here to destroy mankind at the request of the Great Demon Lord with Beel. Oga, the gang, and the rest of humanity are safe because Lord En is preoccupied with games.

After Lord En has left with his servants, Oga faces an awkward situation when he and Hilda walked Aoi to her house. Yet, Oga does not get a break at school when Aoi's friends suspect he made Aoi do something shameful at his house. Azusa decides to take Oga and Aoi to a double date to help Aoi get comfortable with Oga; however, Alaindelon helps Azusa by doing a triple date at the amusement park. What joy! In the park, Oga and the gang meet Lord En again.

What will happen between Lord En and Beel's human sidekicks and will Oga and Aoi get a break? Tune in and watch Beelzebub episode 39!


Beware of Spoilers!


Alaindelon: Oh my, Furuichi! Your hand is so warm and tight.
Alaindelon: Oh my, Furuichi! Your hand is so warm and tight.
  • For those who love to pair up Aoi and Oga, this episode has some wonderful and awkward scenes of Oga and Aoi together.

  • Alaindelon and Furuichi have their first, unofficial date. Whoo! Hallelujah!

  • Beel proves himself to be a braver kid (child for grammar nazi) than Lord En.


There's two point of views. For those who hate fillers and read the manga first, they will think this episode is a waste of time and delays the awesome battles that has yet to come. For those who have read, you probably enjoyed the wackiness of the episode, yet it has not much action.

My only bad thing I like to point out is this:

Hilda brings her parasol. It changes into a sword!
Hilda brings her parasol. It changes into a sword!

Yolda brings out a broom?! It doesn't change!
Yolda brings out a broom?! It doesn't change!

This can be a bizarre thing as well. Hilda is a bad ass wet nurse whose parasol has a hidden sword while Yolda has an ordinary broom. We all know who is going to win, Hilda. Her sword will chop Yolda's broom into pieces. I wonder why the author, Ryuhei Tamura, did not give Yolda a weapon. The broom could have been a spear, a lance, or a halberd. Well, a halberd will be hard to conceal. The only fictional female character I think is threatening with a broom is Seung Mina from Soul Calibur.


Oga takes fatherhood to the extreme
Oga takes fatherhood to the extreme
  • How could Beel ride a roller coaster if he does not meet the height requirement? Oga, that's child endangerment there.

  • Aoi believes Oga's story too easily. Could it be that love is taking away her logic? Yes.

  • Toujou appears in a second costume so far. He was in a cool costume in the Magical Girl episode. Now, he's in a strange pink umbrella thing. You can't blame him since he's a starving student like me and the rest of the college students.

Overall, this episode was fun to watch, but it did not have the action much. Lord En can be an annoying brat. The preview of the next episode is exciting. We get to see a new character, and Hilda and Oga are fighting together for the first time. First, we get Oga and Aoi with a little Alaindelon X Furuichi, and now we get to see Hilde and Oga kick some butt.

It depends on your opinion. I believe the best fillers were episode 11 and 16. Ep. 11 was all about Himekawa, and he's not a bad guy deep down. Ep. 16 is about how Furuichi gain a backbone on a hot, summer day.

Feel free to discuss about the episode or other filler episodes.

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This week, my team focused on Baby Beelzebub's wiki page. We got his origin, creation, evolution, and powers down already, so we work on the story arcs, other media, and anime/manga differences. Check his page out.



Thank you guys for reading and commenting on my team's weekly article. I thank my team for the great work we have done while juggling college. Give them some recognition. I hope you guys and gals get active and involved with our little community. It could be posting comments, wiki editing, or even writing a beginner guide or a weekly article. That sounds exciting.

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Let's go and make some noise in Anime Vice!

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*Sorry, I didn't do an animated GIF for this episode.

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They really are called wet nurses?

Post by arrussel (50 posts) See mini bio Level 11
@MrASSH0LE: Yes their jobs are to be a surrogate mother for En and Beel. 
I love you guys work do you by chance read or watch Rosario+Vampire.
Post by takashichea (14,364 posts) See mini bio Level 25

@arrussel: Thanks!

I linked your blog and two others, Sreenivas and ReVamp. Sorry, I forgot about that last night.

I did work on Rosario Vampire season 2 for the manga version. I did the first 4 volumes, I think. ShadowKnight508 loves the series as well.


Arrusel is right. At first, I typed maid in this weekly report, but I had to changed it. Wet nurses are a rare in today's society.

Do you guys think Yolda needs a spear, a lance, or something in that lame broom of hers?

Update 11AM

Added links to Arrusel, Sreeniva, and ReVamp's blogs under the friend's header.

Post by arrussel (50 posts) See mini bio Level 11

Yolda is badass with her broom in the manga and thanks yeah the anime for Rosario was butchered I hated it which pissed me off because Rosario is one of my top 3 mangas.

Post by takashichea (14,364 posts) See mini bio Level 25


I'll look forward to her mad broom skills. Right now, it looks less intimidating than Hilda's parasol sword.

Feel free to add trivia for the Beelzebub characters. The more people join in, the more fun it gets. I been adding other trivia to other franichises, but Beelzebub's characters suffer even though we did a lot for the main characters in wiki.

I know everyone's busy. Feel free to join the Beelzebub team. The team is not all about wiki editing. I feel the wiki editing is too daunting to newcomers, so I have to talk one one one. It's about pushing the boundaries of Anime Vice and getting more people involved. A tweet, post, a review, a blog, or anything helps.

If you need help with wiki style guide or something, feel free to PM my teammates or me.


Feel free to join, too. You and Toxin45 are a great Hellsing team. Good luck on promoting that franchise.

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Great work on this week's edition of the Weekly Beelzebub, Takashichea! Even though this was a filler episode, it was still somewhat interesting to watch and more bearable than other filler episodes that I have come across in various anime series over the years. Toujou in that pink umbrella demon suit was priceless xD

Post by takashichea (14,364 posts) See mini bio Level 25


No, thank you for helping Anna and I.

I hoped you like the trivia. That picture of Toujou was good. I had to debate over Toujou's image and Oga's image. I ended up picking Oga and Beel riding Gohan image. I need to come up with an animated GIF for Beelzebub. I have too many strange ideas for Sket Dance but not enough for Beelzebub.


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I wonder how long this anime will last I hope it goes on forever like Bleach One Piece and Naruto but I have a feeling it will stop after they beat En.
Post by takashichea (14,364 posts) See mini bio Level 25


I remember PenguinDust stated that the anime might end around 50 episodes. Right now, we're at volume 10 and chapter 85 (I think) and the manga is current at volume 13. Looking at your review, we are at chapter 131. I'm guessing that this anime will end at episode 64.

I'll have the weekly report for Beelzebub ep. 40 tomorrow. It's a good episode. Friday's a good day for me to put all the weekly reports because school and community service can be so hectic.

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