Weekly Beelzebub: Ep. 36 - Viper's Revenge and Demon Power

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Welcome to the 5th Weekly Beelzebub report! To recap, Team Ishiyama has won their match against Six Holy Knights. It was a ferocious match filled with action and silly antics. Like always, this is a report for Beelzebub fans and to promote my team's efforts. My teammates are Annabanana and ShadowKnight508.

New Beelzebub Updates

Oh yes, this episode has a new opening and ending theme. Please tell the community if you love or hate them.

Opening Theme 4:

Ending Theme 4:


After a heated victory by Team Ishiyama, Oga faces the man he scarred in the past. To make matters worse, Kiriya (Viper) has the students held hostage and dares Oga to fight him with the risk of expulsion. Miki and Oga take on Viper's Shadow Group while the Ishiyama delinquents watch.

Will Miki and Oga defeat the Viper and his Shadow Group and will Oga and his group escaped expulsion?

Tune in and watch Beelzebub episode 36!


First, we have new characters to introduce.

New Characters

Kotaro Mikagami

A punk with a bald head, piercings, and wears rings on his hand.

Takumi Dezaki

The only punk with glasses, and he has two tattoos on his head.

Kosei Kuroki

The only punk who looks like a real monk/ Xiaolin fighter.

Unsho Onizuka

The biggest member who has a with a beard and a beaded necklace.

5. Reiji Kiriya

The Viper who wants revenge on Oga.


  • More Miki and Oga moments: the awkward moment when Miki wants Oga to call him by his first name was the best.
  • Oga unleashes a new level of power.
  • A real battle comes out.


  • What was with the censorship when Kaname gets hit by Kiriya's microphone?
  • "Heat Waves?!" Kotaro has some DBZ energy blasts
  • The fight was too short, but it shows how strong Oga and Miki are.


You can mistake that for make up.
You can mistake that for make up.
  • I'm still wonder how Kotaro can do those Heat Wave attack.
  • Everyone sees Oga's demon marks, yet they seem to buy Kaname's tricks except some people.
  • Where's Lord En?
  • The opening and the closing theme songs are bit strange. I love how Hilda dance with Beel, and it's cute but strange. I think the closing is a bit better than the opening. I have to watch it again.

Overall, this episode is pretty good, but I wish it had more action or more funny stuff. Looks like the next episode has Hilda fighting a stranger. Can't wait to watch the next episode!


I thank you guys for reading this, and I thank ShadowKnight508 for adding a killer short plot and cool images. Anna is working on the 100th episode of Fairy Tail! Sweet huh! Please see our work on episode 36 and for more images.

Bad news is that Blue Exorcist is finished, but I'm relieved because working on four shows a week is intense. Now, I'm working on Beelzebub, Sket Dance, Fairy Tail, and Shaman King.

Weekly Reports This Week

Miscellaneous Blogs from Teammates


Team W.I.K.I Nation and Team Beelzebub

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@takashichea: Great work on the feature, Takashichea. This episode was a blast to watch, especially the parts in which Kiriya freaks out towards the end of the anime after Oga takes it to another level against him.

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Thanks for images and the opening/closing themes!

The closing theme reminds me of Tickle me Elmo and Bender in a cute manner. I love how Beel and Hilda dance. So cute!

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Have the Beelzebub fights gotten better animation since the beginning?

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Updates 10-9-11

  • Added Miscellaneous Blogs by Teammates
  • Bullet the bad stuff. Need to get the Heat Wave Image. Sorry guys.

I have no idea why this weekly report is a forum post while Sket Dance's report is a blog post. My brain was fried from studying and wiki editing on Friday night and Saturday's early morning. Sorry about that.

For everyone's sake, I will turn some weekly reports into blogs if they are special like they have new characters, have a crossover, or have a special, final battle. I think blogs allow more access since people tend to wiki binge on the character pages. I need to link the blog to those character pages for that purpose.

Thank you.

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@MrASSH0LE said:

Have the Beelzebub fights gotten better animation since the beginning?

They have improved somewhat in quality compared to the first few episodes.

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Well, the fights in the anime version tend to be flashy and mock Dragon Ball Z in a way. When I read the manga chapter after each plot summary that Anna and I finish, I see a stark contrast in the fights.

Are you looking for serious fight scenes? The anime has water down these stuff to broaden their audience which is strange though. I seen the Japanese version of Naruto, and there is blood. I have no idea.

Be sure to keep watching Beelzebub.


  • There's more blood and less censorship. A stark example would be where one of MK5 characters whip out a gun. (I forgot what chapter) In the anime, there is no gun and Natsume kick the guy's ass to let Nene and the Red Tail girls go to Aoi's side where the MK5's "Queen" is fighting her.
  • Toujou vs Oga - Lots of blood in the manga version. Compared to the anime version, they had no blood and lots of aura art.

You should read our wiki episode pages. I have to finish the anime and manga sections for this episode page. I was a bit busy with the other projects, school, and community events. Sorry about that.

I shoot you a PM or afterwards.

Glad to see another Beelzebub fan!

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Sorry for the late response.

I have gather two images for anime and manga comparison just for you. I have posted Miki and Oga's fight without the flashy characters.

Oga vs Toujou

Oga vs Toujou 2

Oga vs Miki 1

Oga vs Miki 2

I admit I can't tell if the animation is good or not by the small details. I can tell when animation is really bad such as Kyuubi Naruto's fight with Pain. That stuff was bad.

It's up to you to decide.

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