Weekly Beelzebub 34: Maid Cafe

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The Maid Brigade
The Maid Brigade

Welcome to the third Weekly Beelzebub's report! I'm Takashichea, one of trio of wiki editors who are working on Beelzebub's episodes and its characters. This episode contains high school girls dress in maid outfits for their school festival while Oga and the delinquents arrive late to the festivities before their big volleyball match with the Six Holy Knights.

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As the month goes by, St. Ishiyama hosts its school festival, and Azusa gets the strange idea to dress as a maid and run a maid cafe with her friends. Meanwhile, Aoi and the girls are looking for the boys so they can practice, but none of them appear. Back at the cafe, Furuichi convinces Azusa and her friends to take his ideas to improve the cafe since the 6 Holy Knights are running a coffee shop that has a lot of customers. Outside, a bunch of punks from Teimo Tech appear to ruin everyone's fun.

Will Furuichi's ideas make the cafe run smoothly and what will happen between Teimo Tech punks and the Ishiyama delinquents?

Tune in and watch Beelzebub's episode 34: Maids Run Amok!

*Beware of mild spoilers!



Aw! Aoi looks so cute.
Aw! Aoi looks so cute.
  • There's a couple of funny scenes such as Alaindelon chasing the boys and Kazuya running like a dog.
  • The maids fight back when the customers get too rude and demanding.


Why are we staring at this?
Why are we staring at this?
  • There is not much action or plot advancement in the story, so it feels like a filler.
  • Some of the gags get old such as Alaindelon who causes some of us to gag instead of laughing.
  • Like the previous episode where the camera zoom on the water strider instead of Toujou fighting Oga, the camera just zoom on three things while the Ishiyama delinquents and the 3 of the 6 Holy Knights beat the punks.


Alaindelon poses more disturbingly creepy than cute
Alaindelon poses more disturbingly creepy than cute
  • Somehow, Furuichi got most of the girls dressed in the maid outfit after telling them that they were battling the 6 Holy Knights.
  • Where did Alaindelon get that maid outfit? It fits him, too.

Overall, it is funny in the beginning, but the jokes got a bit old. This episode gets a three out of five.


Please thank ShadowKnight508 for the images and see our work on Beelzebub episode 34. Thank you for reading this. You guys are awesome. I thank my team for sticking to work on this as we juggled school and wiki editing.

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Great work on the feature, Takashichea! This episode of Beelzebub was enjoyable, even if it was mostly fan-service in nature instead of having any major plot/story development since it most likely was filler material.

If you are interested in Beelzebub, give the main page a visit and you can find all available episodes that you can watch on CrunchyRoll!



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Oh, I forgot about you! Thanks! You did a good job on 34.

First, we had magical girls cosplay back in episode 27. Now, we have maid cosplay. What's next, butlers or nurses? I am used to these cosplay fetishes. Well, almost.

I liked 27 more than this episode.

What was your favorite moments, ShadowKnight508?

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@takashichea: No worries. My favorite moments in "Maids Run Amok" was the random, disturbing Alaindelon segments that led to some priceless freak outs and WTF? moments. Those moments (along with the whole Aoi as a cute maid) had me laughing.

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