Weekly Beelzebub 33: Hidden Truths and the Sparring Match

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Welcome to the second Weekly Beelzebub thread! As you know already, I'm a part of trio team who tackles the Beelzebub anime. I'm doing this to promote the anime and our hard work on Anime Vice.

My Teammates

  • ShadowKnight508
  • Annabanana

Beware of Mild Spoilers!

Plot Summary

"After partaking in intense training, the former friend and current member of the Six Holy Knights Miki finally gets his rematch against Oga one on one after Oga tires of training for the upcoming volleyball match and stumbles across the dojo in which Miki is training. Things are heating up as Oga finally comes face to face with the impressive powers and techniques that Miki has been recently perfecting in his continuing attempts to become more powerful than Oga could ever humanly be. The past days of these two men's lives shall be revealed!"

By ShadowKnight508


Beelzebub is too cool
Beelzebub is too cool
  • Tojo and Oga's fight music is awesome.
  • Miki and Oga fight again!
  • Beelzebub is a cute referee.


  • Flashy fighting with Miki. It's was too much.
  • How is blood black already on Miki's hands after defeating Oga?
  • Water Strider scene and Oga and Tojo's laughter in the background did not appeal much. I want to see the fighting and facial expressions. (like how Panther Lily and Gajeel fight and laugh in Fairy Tail)

*No offense to Dragon Ball Z fans.


Miki needs to rephrase his words a bit
Miki needs to rephrase his words a bit
  • Himekawa is fluttering his hair like a bishounen character.
  • I read the manga's comments on a website. In the manga, Furuichi watches how Oga stomps on Miki during the flashback. Furuichi remembers Miki, right? How come he doesn't remember Miki getting stomped by Oga especially since he was there to see it all? (See our wiki work on 33 since I can't spoil you guys here)
  • Miki says words that I think of other things and his relationship with Oga.


This episode gets four out of five stars. Needs more action to get a five in my opinion. What do you guys think that this episode should improve on?


Give your thanks to ShadowKnight508 who uploaded the images, did the short plot summary, and came up with the title for this weekly thread, and to Anna who worked on the plot. Please see Beelzebub 33.

I thanked the staff, Sotyfan16, and Newten for inspiring me to do this stuff and get me out of my wiki editing comfort zone. (because I'm strange that way).


Member of Team W.I.K.I Nation and Team Beelzebub


  • *I think our trio should be called Wiki Delinquents, but it doesn't sound right.
  • ShadowKnight508 had a perfect summary that doesn't spoil anyone. I will alternate in plot summaries for these weekly threads.
  • Miki's image: I love to watch Crunchyroll to get images (college computers), but I worked with other channels to wiki edit because my home computer is too slow.

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  • Sket Dance 21 and Blue Exorcist 22.
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Great work on this feature, Takashichea. I am so glad that I was able to get into Beelzebub, for it is one of the best anime series that I have enjoyed since Angel Beats! grabbed my attention when it first came out. With great humor, random moments, fights, and likeable characters, Beelzebub is a show that most anime fans can watch and find something about it that they enjoy.

This episode had many bright spots that made this one of the better episodes of the series, but it suffers from several minor issues as stated in the OP. Most disappointing of these shortcomings was the episode cutting to a pointless shot of a water strider sitting on the surface of the river while Toujou and Oga were fighting. Why show a bug in the river when the weary Oga and brutal Toujou are in the middle of a heated brawl?

Interested in Beelzebub? Please check out the main page here on AnimeVice and you can find all of the episodes over on CrunchyRoll.

Beelzebub: AnimeVice

Beelzebub: CrunchyRoll

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Thanks! I should make the Beelzebub Recognition Blog for Anime Vice. Damn! It took me two hours do this since the images won't cooperate. I just pray I make some time to make the blog.

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