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Plot Summary

Aoi faces off against Agiel, and with Komainu's help she is able to defeat her. The Ishiyama students are surrounded by their former school mates, who are now under the control of En's servant Queztocoatl. En tells them that if they want to win back their friends and their school they will have to face his servants in a series of games that they will have to risk their lives to win.

Oga and Hilda are confronted by Behemoth, who tells them he has retired from being the General of his army, and instead passed the responsibility on to his son, Jaberwock. Jaberwock's dragon, Sodom, captures Hilda, and while Oga tries to attack Jaberwock, he is restrained by Kunieda's grandfather and the principle. Jaberwock and Behemoth leave on Sodom's back, but Oga follows them up.

Oga tries to fight Jaberwock, but he is powerless before the demon general. Oga instead attacks Sodom, freeing Hilda. But Hilda uses her powers to get Oga and Beel away as the dragon swallows her. It's a very touching scene, with some great orchestral accompaniment, and it would have been a great lead in to the rest of the arc.

Unfortunately this happens.

Oga, finding the croquettes Hilda gave him, realizes that if he drinks Beel's milk to break down the boundary between them, then if Beel eats some croquettes, Oga's favorite food, then it should still break down the barrier. This of course is ridiculous, because we're honestly meant to believe that Beel never ate human food before? And that's not even getting into how terrible a way this is to end the series...

Sorry, sorry, this is the plot summary, commentary comes later.

Anyway, now powered up again, Oga defeats Sodom, and crashes him into Ishiyama, where Aoi and the rest are competing in a game of twister. He then uses a powerful attack, leaving behind nothing but a crater.

My Opinion

WHY IS THE ANIME ENDING NOW!?!?!? I understand that there are probably reasons for this, but why end it here!? Hilda sacrificing herself was a great scene, and would have set the mood for the rest of the arc. Instead we get a butt pull of an ending, and the series final boss is some guy we've never met before, who's never been mentioned before, and this is supposed to be a good way to end the series?

I will admit that I enjoyed the reduction of all the dangerous games to just a simple game of twister, and I would comment about the rest of the episode, but here we are with one episode to go, and we get the laziest way for this series to end. If this is how Beelzebub the anime is going to end, then why not end it earlier? There were plenty of places where the series could conclude satisfactorily. Or if you want to bring this arc in, actually finish it! It may not be the greatest arc in the manga, but it was built towards, and the climax from the manga would have been a great place for the anime to end.

Instead we get an anime original ending, and a poorly written one at that. It's almost satirical how bad the end of this episode is.

I would say more, but I'm kind of pissed right now, and not looking forward to the last episode. There's nothing to be done, this ending is going to stick out as one of the worst of any anime. At least we don't have to suffer it as long as we did the Blue Exorcist ending. We get exactly what the manga gave us, minus the last few parts. It feels like this would have been a great arc, but instead someone stole the budget, or the writers, or something, and the anime had to end immediately. For shame.

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