Because of Dreams. Hopes, and Passion

Because of Dreams. Hopes, and Passion is an anime episode of Robotics;Notes that was released on 10/19/2012

Akiho and Kaito attempt to fix an old robot to use for the competition, but they run into financial problems when they need to order new parts.

Plot Summary

Get all the cannons!
Get all the cannons!

During lunch, Akiho flips through some catalogs to find a hobby robot that will be suitable for the competition. Unfortunately, she learns that hobby robots are not cheap and she can only get 10,000 yen on her allowances in advance. Katio suggests that she should give up on entering the competition and he gets scolded by Akiho, who tells him not to give up. Kaito asks her what the point of doing all this and reminds her that they don't even have a hobby robot yet. Suddenly Akiho remembers that the clubs has one robot available. In the club room. Akiho finds a robot dubbed "The club's Honorary Chief" Tanegashi Machine. Akiho tries activating Tanegashi Machine, but the robot does not respond due to a dead battery. Kaito suggests that the robot is broken because it is at least 8 years old. To find the problem, Akiho begins to dismantle the robot and discovers that the battery is dead.

Akiho says no deal
Akiho says no deal

Akiho and Kaito decide to visit a spare parts shop to find parts to fix their robot. There, they find the shop keeper, Fujita Tetsuharu, listening to loud music. Akiho hands Doc the old battery and Fujita informs her that she would need a battery from a new manufacturer. Akiho and Doc begin to negotiate a fair price for the new part, but Akiho is unable to afford anything despite the discounts she is given.

Later, Akiho and Kaito are visited by Subaru Hidaka. Akiho offers Subaru a place in the club, he turns her down once again. Instead, he tells her that she is pursuing a reckless venture and that their club has no hope of winning the competition due to lack of experience. Then Subaru asks Kaito why he is still in the club. Kaito explains that he is in the club because the club room offers a good environment for him to play video games in. Having his preconceived image of Kaito as an oddball confirmed, Subaru leaves the two alone.

Food from hell
Food from hell

Remembering his promise to Misa that he would look after Akiho, Kaito goes to the Mizuka's shop to seek information that may help Akiho get a lower price on the parts. Mizuka agrees to give Kaito the information if he eats one of her passion fruit buns. Begrudgingly, Kaio barely is able to finish one passion fruit bun. The next day, Kaito receives a call from Mizuka, who tells him that Frujita has a granddaughter named Junna, who goes to their school. Kaito tells Akiho about this information and she goes to look for Junna. Kaito thanks Mizuka, but tells her not tell Akiho anything about their arrangement. In a secluded place, Akiho tries to convince Junna to ask her grandfather to give a larger discount on the parts. During a conversation Junna is able to give Akiho an idea for a robot move based on a martial arts kick. Eventually Akiho is able to convince Junna to ask her grandfather to give a larger discount for the parts.

A cute keychain
A cute keychain

A week later, Doc is able to give Akiho the parts she needs and he even gives her some extra parts because he knew she would need them for the competition. Akiho spends the next few days working on her robot, putting in long hours each day. One day, while Akiho and Kaito are getting ready to leave school, Akiho's exhaustion triggers her elephant-mouse syndrome," a disorder that causes her to perceive time as if it were moving faster than it normally is. Disoriented, Akiho almost collapses onto the ground, but he is caught by Kaito. Akiho looks at kaito and asks him once more to be the operator for the robot. Kaito caves in and agrees to be the operator under the condition that she changes the the controller for the robot to be more like his video game controller.Then Kaito suggests that they should contact Frau Koujiro, the creator of Gunvarrel Kill Ballad, to help them change the controller.

At the end of the episode, a mysterious woman gets a call from Akiho. She stares at her phone, but decides to ignore it.

Points of Interest

  • Akiho suffers from what is called "elephant-mouse syndrome," which makes her experience time as if it were moving faster than normal.
  • If the Tanegashi Machine is knocked down, it can use its back wheel to propel the robot into tackle.


  • Japanese Name: "Yume to Kibō to Roman ga Attekoso" (夢と希望とロマンがあってこそ)
  • Opening Theme: "Junjō Spectra" by Zwei
  • Closing Theme: "Umikaze no Brave" by Fumika

Characters & Voice Actors

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5pb (creator) Original Concept 5pb is a company that published and created Robotic;Notes visual novel game that spawn an anime and manga adaptation.
Kazuya Nomura Director Kazuya Nomura is the director of the Robotic;Notes anime series.
Zwei "Junjō Spectra"
fumika "Umikaze no Brave"


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