Because It's the Product of Our Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Because It's the Product of Our Blood, Sweat, and Tears is an anime episode of Robotics;Notes that was released on 12/07/2012

At long last, the Robot Research Club completes its giant GunBuild-1 robot! And, as people from all over the island watch, the robot takes its historic first step!

— Funimation

Plot Summary

Subaru gets manhandled
Subaru gets manhandled

Nae sees a sign about the Let's Hit Off Festival, and Mizuka explains it's a local expression, "Let's all work hard together." Meanwhile, Akiho yells at Subaru and Junna to be more enthusiastic, and she answers Junna's question about how Kaito went to get Frau. Meanwhile, Frau watches some boy love anime while Kirito asks her about the Rozetta stuff. Frau reveals to Kaito the bots she based on Gunvarrel characters. When Kaito mentions Airi, Airi arrives, and Kaito activates Geji Mode. He asks Geji to explains herself to Frau. Then, Hanasono accepts Kaito's invitation. At the festival, Subaru asks Junna to let go of his wrist, and Akiho tells Junna to not let go. When Akiho looks at a young boy and girl, she recalls her fond memories with Kaito and Misaki. She asks her older sister to get her a Gunbam mask, and Misaki tells her that she can build a robot.

On the hill, Akiho has Junna duck down when she sees Mitsuhiko eating with Nae. Akiho wonders if Nae is seducing Mitsuhiko, and she steals the last stick from the two adults once she sees them reaching for the last stick. Akiho informs Nae that they are connecting the upper and lower body tomorrow. Then, the fireworks start flaring up in the sky. Meanwhile at Frau's home, Kaito loses the match, and Frau did not see any signs of cheating. Kaito asks Frau if she knows anything about the Kimijima reports. Back at the festival, Akiho writes a message to Misaki about how the Gunvarrel robot is going to be completed, and she takes a picture of the fireworks.

The big day is here
The big day is here

Next day, the crew takes out the lower and upper parts of the robot and join them together as two large wheel machines drive towards each slowly. With the machine standing tall on its feet, Akiho shouts in glory, and she takes a picture of the machine. Upon recalling Misaki in a flashback, Akiho reminds Kaito to show up tomorrow, and she gets a message from her mother instead of Misaki. She asks Kaito if Misaki wanted them to build the GunPro-1. On the day of Misaki leaving to Tokyo, Akiho remembers how Misaki had remarked that Akiho will do ordinary things. Next day, a huge crowd gathers in front of the robot, and Akiho is all fired up. She greets everyone and states that the robot is designed by her older sister. When Akiho begins climbing, Kaito states that he will be the pilot.

Down the hatch
Down the hatch

Inside the cockpit, Kaito pops a candy, and he begins ignition as Akiho counts. She instructs Kaito to walk, and Kaito is frightened by the sound of the machine. The robot is crawling on its wheels slowly. The crowd gets bored with the giant robot, and Akiho sees the robot's back steaming. Then, the robot's engine stops. Mitsuhiko states that the junk diesel engine is too old, and Akiho disheartened. Later, Kaito finds Akiho sitting down with a gloomy face, and she comments that her older sister would have done better.

Points of Interest

  • In one of the flashbacks, Akiho remembers seeing a Gunbam mask. This is a reference to the popular franchise, Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • Hanasono_1991 is the 2nd best player in KILL BALLAD. The mech the player use is called Boltvalian.


  • Japanese Name: "Chi to Ase to Namida no Kesshō desukara" (血と汗と涙の結晶ですから)
  • Opening Theme: "Junjō Spectra" by Zwei
  • Closing Theme: "Umikaze no Brave" by Fumika

Characters & Voice Actors

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Kazuya Nomura Director Kazuya Nomura is the director of the Robotic;Notes anime series.
5pb (creator) Original Concept 5pb is a company that published and created Robotic;Notes visual novel game that spawn an anime and manga adaptation.
Zwei "Junjō Spectra"
fumika "Umikaze no Brave"


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