Because GUNVARREL is waiting

Because GUNVARREL is waiting is an anime episode of Robotics;Notes that was released on 10/12/2012

The Robot Research Club is in dire straits - there are only two members and the future of the club is in jeopardy. Despite this, the club's leader, Akiho, is intent on building a life-sized robot...


Plot Summary

Akiho's dream of building Gunvarrel
Akiho's dream of building Gunvarrel

While everyone is preparing the Gunvarrel robot, Kaito gets the green light and takes off. At school, Kaito is updating his profile for his video game, and while Akiho arrives, Kaito plays with an app that gives Akiho cat ears. He is amazed at the app's ability to animate the ears and tail from Akiho's emotions, and then, Akiho finds her papers. She asks Kaito to go with her to the faculty office, but Kaito is preoccupied with his video game. He finds out that he is playing with the creator of the game, and he defeats the creator. After his victory, Kaito receives a message about him cheating, but he ignores it. Over at the office, Mitsuhiko asks Akiho if the vice principal will approve Akiho's budget proposal. Outside of the office, a young girl asks Kaito to help her with cleaning, yet Kaito tells her that he will do it if she beats him at his video game. Near the stairs, Subaru appears, and Akiho tries to persuade him to join her club. However, Subaru declines and yells at her to stop following him. Afterwards, Akiho and Kaito arrive to the abandoned airport hanger where the dream project of building a life size Gunvarrel resides.

Akiho: Everything will work out!
Akiho: Everything will work out!

Later on, Kaito hears Akiho yelling out when oil drips on her. He comes by only to see Akiho telling him not to look at her underwear. Kaito mentions how this place is abandoned by time. Next day, Akiho calls Kaito to help split the work on an assignment. At the convenience store, he stops on by to buy Skal and chats with Irei. Irei tells Kaito to give the message to Mitsuhiko about picking up the protein. Back at school, Mitsuhiko freaks out and tells Kaito that he is broke. Over at the club, Kaito gives Akiho some Skal, and he freaks Akiho when he pretends to not know the anime she is watching. Akiho explains that Gunvarrel is a hit in many countries and that it never aired the last episode. In the faculty's office, the vice principal asks Akiho if she is serious with the budget proposal. Akiho states that it is her dream to present the giant robot over at the Expo. The vice principal approves the budget on her conditions. She informs that Akiho must produce results. Over at the abandoned airport hanger, Kaito tells her that the club will be shut down if they don't get first place. He asks Akiho if they have a hobby robot, and Akiho tells him that she will figure things. out. Meanwhile, a mysterious girl analyzes things.

Points of Interest

  • Kaito is ranked 5th in the world for his video game.
  • Gunvarrel is a popular anime show about a robot of the same name.
  • Akiho's dream is to build a life sized robot that is a homage to Gunvarrel.


  • Japanese Name: "Ganvareru ga Matteru Kara" (ガンヴァレルが待ってるから)
  • Opening Theme: "Junjō Spectra" by Zwei
  • Closing Theme: "Umikaze no Brave" by Fumika

Characters & Voice Actors

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5pb (creator) Original Concept 5pb is a company that published and created Robotic;Notes visual novel game that spawn an anime and manga adaptation.
Kazuya Nomura Director Kazuya Nomura is the director of the Robotic;Notes anime series.
Zwei "Junjō Spectra"
fumika "Umikaze no Brave"


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