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Beauty Pageant is a anime/manga concept
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Bisca Mulan

A immigrant from the West that joined the Fairy Tail guild. She has a crush on Alzack Connell but is too shy to confess her love for him.

Cana Alberona

One of the highest ranking members of Fairy Tail, Cana is known for her magic cards and her heavy drinking.

Chie Satonaka

Chie Satonaka is the meat loving, Kung-Fu movie fan of the Investigation Team in Inaba.

Erza Scarlet

Erza is a powerful S-Class mage and one of the main characters in Fairy Tail. She's part of Team Natsu and uses Requip magic to change into different suits of armor, each with it's own unique properties.


A Member of the Fairy Tail guild with the ability to turn anybody to stone who looks into her eyes. She later became a bodyguard for Laxus Dreyar and tried to kill the female members of Fairy Tail but failed. She is still a member of the guild.

Himeno Shirayuki

Himeno Shirayuki is the half sister of Ringo Akai, and looks after her seven other younger siblings. She took first place in the Miss Otogi Contest.

Juvia Lockser

Original a member of the Phantom Lord Guild group Element 4. She later joined the Fairy Tail guild due to developing a crush on Gray Fullbuster.

Kanna Shirayuki

One of two Oni princesses, Kanna, the "White Princess", was summoned by the Banrikou to protect Setsuna until his heart was compete.

Kibitsu Momoka

Kibitsu Momoka is a character that appeared on Sket Dance. She claimed herself as Onihime, a legendary gangster, but later surrenders to Himeko, the real Onihime. Later, she rises and becomes a superstar singer and actress.

Levy McGarden

A member of the Fairy Tail Guild who is part of the team Shadow Gear. She specializes in text based magic and is a complete bookworm.

Liszt Kiriki

The president of the Otogi Bank. He is a skillful cross-dresser that uses his skills for information gathering.

Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy is a Celestial Spirit Mage and member of Team Natsu in the Fairy Tail Guild. As well as being able to summon Celestial Spirits, she is also quite skilled in combat with a whip.

Majolica le Fay

Majolica le Fay is the mad scientist of the Otogi Bank.

Max Alors

Max Alors is a member of Fairy Tail and he is usually seen in any kind of promotional setting, for example he helps run the gift shop for the guild as well as MCed the Miss Fairy Tail Pageant.

Mei Uozumi

Mei Uozumi is a student of Otogi Acedemy. She took third place in the Miss Otogi Contest.

Mimi Usami

A former classmate and sometimes rival of Otohime Ryuuguu. She has a following among the school's loli-fans.

Mirajane Strauss

A long time member of the Fairy Tail guild who is a S-Class mage. She also bartends for the guild and is their cover girl in the weekly sorcerer.

Momoko Kibitsu

Momoko Kibitsu is the not-so-moral member of the Otogi Academy Morals Committee. She took second place in the Miss Otogi Contest.

Mystery Beautiful Girl

The Mystery Beautiful Girl was the previous winner of Miss Otogi Academy Contest. She is actually Liszt Kiriki in disguise.

Naoto Shirogane

A famous detective possessing an androgynous appearance whose initial persona is Sukuna Hikona, of the Fortune Arcana. Uses a revolver in battle with a Persona specializing in Almighty, Light, and Dark type skills.

Otohime Ryūgū

A member of the Otogi Bank. She is passionately in love with Tarō Urashima.

Otsuu Tsurugaya

Otsuu Tsurugaya is the maid of Otogi Bank. She has a fetish returning favors.

Rena Kuroyuki

One of two Oni princesses, Rena, the "Black Princess", was also summoned by the Banrikou to protect Setsuna until his heart was compete.

Rise Kujikawa

Rise Kujikawa is a former pop idol who moves back to Inaba.

Ryoko Okami

The main character of Ōkami-san. She fights with a pair of cat-shaped gauntlets dubbed the "Neko Neko Knuckles".

Tomoko Nomura

Tomoko Nomura is a junior high student in Onizuka's 3-4 class. She is easily recognizable with her size F breast.

Yukiko Amagi

Yukiko Amagi is the daughter of the Amagi Family in Inaba.

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