Beautiful Person

Beautiful Person is an anime episode of Nyan Koi! that was released on 10/22/2009

Nyan Koi! Ep. 04

Beautiful Person - 美しい人 (Utsukushii Hito)

The school's track star Nagi Ichinose is pissed off at Junpei: not only does he seem to be making Kaede upset in Nagi's eyes, but also he failed to respond to Nagi's duel challenge. After playing around with Kanako's chest, he again challenges Junpei to a duel for the honor of Kaede's hand, but before Junpei can respond Nagi comes down with sickness from having waited all day yesterday outside for Junpei to show up. Junpei, Kaede and Kanako all end up escorting Nagi back home, which turns out to be a large mansion owned by a psuedo-Yakuza family.

Just as Junpei tries to relax, the family's cat shows up with a request to help Nagi find love. This causes a dilemma for Junpei: whether to lose the duel with Nagi and fulfill the cat's request, or to win and keep Kaede for himself while risking the wrath of the great Jizou cat spirit. He does not have much time to ponder this when a butler drags him into Nagi's room and Nagi proceeds to try and beat him with a sword. However, Nagi's shirt comes loose during the fight, revealing that the track star is actually a small-chested girl. Apparently, Nagi used to be okay with this fact until the first boy she confessed her love to turned her down because he thought she was a boy. After that, Nagi decided to start acting like a boy, but occasionally fondles girls anyway because she is "an appreciator of beauty."

Just as Nagi is about to attack again, she gets shut inside a sarcophagus in the room as lightning strikes outside. In a more-girly voice, Nagi reveals that she has had a fear of lightning for awhile now, and that the inside of the sarcophagus is her shield from that. Junpei manages to calm her down just as the bodyguard busts in.

Eventually, the guests leave the Ichinose mansion, while their family cat tells Junpei not to worry about the wish, as he did a good job. The next day at school, Nagi pulls up a seat right next to Junpei, even though the teacher points out they are not supposed to be in the same class.

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