Beater is an anime episode of Sword Art Online that was released on 07/14/2012

It’s been one month since the players have been locked in the game. 2000 people have died; the first floor hasn’t been cleared yet.
— Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

After one month has passed, two thousand people have died, and no one has not complete the first floor. Kirito and the group of guys attend Diabel's meeting where Diabel announces that they have found the boss room. Diabel tells them to form parties, and Kirito looks around for anyone to pair up with. He finds a hooded person and as the person accepts the invitation from Kirito, he sees the person's name on the health bar, Asuna. Then, Kibaou arrives to root out the beta players and demands them to apologize and give up their possessions. Egil gets up and corrects Kibaou after telling them that the guide book is created by the beta players. Also, the book is free. As Diabel reads the guide, he debriefs them on the boss and all of its information.

Later that night, everyone drinks while Kirito finds his partner. He gives Asuna cream for her bread and asks her why she has come here. Asuna replies that she is not staying at some inn rotting away and wants to fight to survive. Next day, Kirito informs Asuna about his strategy of switching. On the boss floor, the boss and his three sentinels charge at Diabel's group. As Diabel tells the groups to switch, guard, and attack, Kirito and Asuna manage to finish off a sentinel. The main boss's three HP bars are down, and Diabel takes on the boss himself. Kirito looks at the weapon that the boss is holding is not the weapon they assumed from the guide book. Diabel gets attack and suffers major damage. Kirito rushes to heal Diabel who refuses the medicine. Diabel points out that Kirito is a beta player and asks him to save everyone.

With Asuna by his side, Kirito attacks the boss, and Asuna switches in. She dodges the beast's attack that rips her cloak. Asuna manages to land an attack on the boss. The boss slices Kirito, and Kirito gets thrown into Asuna. Before the boss can slam its blade into Asuna and Kirito, Egil blocks it with his axe. The other guys charge in to attack the boss who fends them off. Kirito intercepts the boss and knocks it down. He calls Asuna, and the two manages to slash at the ferocious beast. Kirito lets out a loud and long scream as he carves the boss all over its fat and grotesque body. With the boss dead, Asuna and Egil give their kudos to Kirito. Then, Kibaou asks him why he let Diabel died. He states that the boss's attacks, and one by one the players begin to call out for the beta players. Then, Kirito lets out a laugh, and he notes that the guys are better than most beta players. Kirito states that he has fought and completed more levels. Kibaou and the others call him a cheater which somehow leads to beater. Kirito accepts the name beater as he equips the coat that he won. He tells them to not to confuse him with other players. Before Kirito leaves, Asuna asks how Kirito knew her name. He informs her and tells her to join a guild. When Asuna asks him what would he do, he terminates his partnership with Asuna.

Points of Interest

  • Asuna makes her full debut since she appeared in the last episode as a cameo in the crowd.
  • Diabel is a beta tester and one of the characters who die in this episode.
  • Kirito receives the Coat of Midnight for killing the boss (Illfang the Kobold Lord) of the first level.


  • Japanese Name: ビーター
  • Light Novel Chapter: ?
  • Opening Theme: "crossing field" By LiSA
  • Ending Theme: "Yume Sekai (ユメセカイ; Dream World)" by Haruka Tomatsu

Characters & Voice Actors

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Tomohiko Ito Director Director of Occult Academy
Reki Kawahara Original Concept Light novel writer
LiSA LiSA is a Japanese singer who sings the "oath sign" in Fate Zero and "crossing field" in Sword Art Online.
Haruka Tomatsu A voice actress and singer currently employed by Music Ray'n.


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