Beelzebub #13 - Be Like Oga

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 09/02/2011

Plot Summary

Be Like Oga (男鹿らしくしなさい, Oga rashiku shinasai)  


Chapter 107 - I'm... (オレが..., Ore ga...)  

Chapter 108 - Super Milk Time (スーパーミルクタイム, Sūpā miruku taimu)  

Chapter 109 - The End of the Fight?! The Start?! (戦いの終わり!? 始まり!?, Tatakai no owari!? Hajimari!?)  

Chapter 110 - Case Closed for Now?! (とりあえず一件落着!?, Toriaezu ikkenrakuchaku!?)  

Chapter 111 - We Completely Exchangeed Bodies (入れ替わっちゃいました, Ire kawachaimashita)  

Chapter 112 - Be Like Oga (男鹿らしくしなさい, Oga rashiku shinasai

Chapter 113 - Girl Battle (女の戦い, Onna no tatakai)  

Chapter 114 - The Red Tails Great Tactics  (烈怒帝瑠大作戦, Reddo Teiru daisakusen)  

Chapter 115 - Kunieda and That Young Animal (邦枝とあの子, Kunieda to ano ko)   


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