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In the distant future, the Japanese government has issued the Millennium Education Reform Act, also known as the BR Act, to instill a fear and respect for the government into the youth of this time. Every year, one random school class is chosen, and its students must fight to the death until only one remains.
This year, the chosen class was that of Shiroiwa Junior High School Class 3-B. Now, its students must either find a way out of this game, or kill each other in this game of life and death.
The manga is written by Koushun Takami, or, rather, based on his original Battle Royale novel, and illustrated by Masayuki Taguchi. It was first published in Young Champion Magazine in November 2000.


  • Akita Shoten (Japan)
  • Tokyopop (USA, Britain, Canada, Germany)
  • Conrad Editora (Brazil, cancelled after twelve volumes)
  • Editorial Ivrea (Argentina)
  • Soleil/Vegetal Soleil (France)
  • Play Press (Italy)
  • Sakura Press (Russia)
  • Conrad (Brazil)
  • Ever Glory Publishing Co.,Ltd. (Taiwan, China)

Publication History

Battle Royale is published in North America by the company Tokyopop, and translated by Keith Giffen. After an original volume-to-volume release, the series was re-released in larger volumes, combining three volumes in one.


In the English release of Battle Royale, the translator, Keith Giffen, took several liberties with the story of Battle Royale and with adapting the dialogue. The biggest difference was that he turned the Battle Royale into a reality show-esque game, which leaves some plot holes open in the story, especially in the final volume. 
Giffen also included many references to movies and music that it wouldn't have been possible for the students to have had access to, seeing as the Japanese country of this story was supposedly isolated from the Western world.


Shuya Nanahara
The protagonist of Battle Royale, and Boy Number 15. He is an orphan, but he's very good-natured and kind, with a love of music. Shuya is one of the students unwilling to take part in the BR Program.
Noriko Nagawa
The female protagonist of Battle Royale, and Girl Number 15. Noriko is a quiet, slightly reserved young girl. She's quite innocent, but often serves as a voice of reason to the rest of the competitors in the BR Program.
Shogo Kawada
One of the main characters in Battle Royale, and Boy Number 5. He was a transfer from another school, where he was the winner of a Program from three years before. He is a loner, preferring to go about his business alone.
Kazuo Kiriyama
A main antagonist in the game, and Boy Number Six. Kiriyama is apathetic to his fellow classmates, and unable to feel emotion, due to brain damage from a car crash. He leads a gang both at school and within the game. Kiriyama is also able to master new disciplines quickly due to his rational outlook on life and lack of emotional blocks.
Mitsuko Souma
A main antagonist in the game, and Girl Number Eleven. Mitsuko practically oozes sex appeal, and uses this within the game to gain an advantage over competitors before killing them. She is ruthless and merciless in her killings, but can also be sweet and gentle as well.
Hiroki Sugimura
A quiet and reserved guy, and Boy Number Eleven. Hiroki is an expert in various martial arts, and prefers not to socialize with others. He spends most of Battle Royale looking for his friend, Takako Chigusa, and the girl he loves, Kayoko Kotohiki.
Shinji Mimura

A friendly basketball player intent on escaping the BR Program, and Boy Number 19. Despite his physical prowess, he has his fair share of intelligence, and aims to use that intelligence to escape from the program without killing anyone.
General Information Edit
English Name Battle Royale
Japanese Name: バトル・ロワイアル
Romaji: Batoru Rowaiaru
Publisher Akita Shoten
Start Year 2003
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