Air Gear #3 - Battle In the Sky!

is a manga book published by Kodansha Comics USA that was released on 10/17/2003

Plot Summary

Kodansha Comics USA Edition Release Date: January 31, 2007

Itsuki is still getting the hang of his Air Trecks–the super high-tech skates that have helped him fight back against the rival skate gangs making trouble on his turf. But when his two best friends end up in the hospital after losing a battle to Buccha, a notorious gang leader, Itsuki realizes he needs to polish his skills–and fast. Though the other students at Itsuki’s school are finally realizing that the skate wars pose a dangerous threat, only Itsuki is daring enough to take on the cruel and colossally strong Buccha. But the upcoming fight may be the least of his worries after the beautiful Simca brings with a warning: In Itsuki’s quest to rule the skies, the battle with Buccha will be just the beginning!

Itsuki is fighting the battle of a lifetime. Buccha the king of the school has threatened his friends and Ikki is looking to get some revenge in the form of an Air Treck battle. But Ikki seems to have bitten off more than he can chew. Can Ikki defeate Buccha? What does the legendary Simica the Swallow have in for for Ikki. Find out in this chaper.

Trick 15 - 23.


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Ogure Ito artist, cover, writer,



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