Battle B-Daman Characters

Battle B-Daman is a franchise comprised of 2 anime series
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The original "leader" of the Shadow Alliance though it is later learned he was merely a pawn of Marda B.


The giant feline B-DaMaster who trained Yamato.


The first guardian of the Super Five Field.

Battle Crow

The first "real" Shadow Alliance member Yamato ever faces.

Bull Borgnine

A strange schizophrenic-type character in the Battle B-Daman, usually sides with the protagonist, Yamato.

Cain McDonnell

Leader of the Super Five, and a villain of high caliber.


Has the potential to be one of the greatest B-DaPlayers of all time, he was Yamato's original nemesis though their relationship changes throughout the series.

Gray Michael Vincent

Introduced as a servant of the Shadow Alliance, he is the anti-hero of Battle B-Daman but a friend to Yamato nonetheless.


Li Yong Fa

Younger of the two Yong Fa brothers.

Liena Grace Vincent

Gray Vincent's little sister.

Mie Delgado

The adoptive mother of Yamato.


The third guardian of the Super Five Field.

Terry McScotty

The Scottish companion of Yamato Delgado.

Wen Yong Fa

Older of the two Yong Fa brothers.

Yamato Delgado

The main protagonist of Battle B-Daman, he is a young boy who dreams of becoming a B-DaMaster.

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